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Re: New Girl In town

Post  Kaez Alexandrov on Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:52 pm

"Je ne se..." Régine looked at the picture of the graffiti, "but it seems a lot of people are looking for zhis 'Drauf', and it seems like 'e isn't good news going by 'ow zhese people are trying to get 'is attention, I'm going keep my eyes peeled, zhis could be a major story for zhe paper." Just then the doorbell rang, and through the window Régine could see her mother peeking in and waving at her. "Ve can keep talking about zhis later," Régine smiled at Godric before going to the door. "Mama, papa," Régine greeted them each with a kiss on each cheek, her smile faced when she saw people getting out of a van. "You've brought company."

"Caterers," Isabela nodded smiling, "vhat, did you expect us to make you cook?"

"Vell, yes," Régine chuckled, "come inside."

"Caterers," Katriane took a deep breath.

"You'll be fine," Godric reassured her, "remember, use Séb as your anchor."

"Right." Katriane gulped and put on her best happy face, "mama, papa, I've missed you two!"

"Not enough to call," Dion chuckled and hugged his eldest daughter.

Katriane closed her eyes trying to focus and not sink her teeth into her father.
"Vell ve've been rehearsing non-stop, and now vith Julien 'urt, vell it's been chaos."

Régine raised an eyebrow looking at her sister, they hadn't rehearsed in days, but she decided to keep quiet and not ruin whatever it was that Katriane had up her sleeve.

"Oui, about Julien..." Isabela whispered, "I zhink ve need to discuss 'im and 'is future vith Belle Morte, I'm beginning to zhink 'e could turn into a liability."

"I can assure you that won't happen," Julien walked out of the room, looking better than he had before, "besides, without anyone of us Belle Morte would be incomplete, and our fan-base would crumble, don't you think?"

"It's true, mama," Régine nodded, "vithout any of us zhere is no Belle Morte."

"Right," Isabela forced out a giggle, she looked at Godric and went to him, kissing both his cheeks, "monsieur Godric, 'ow nice to see you again."

"Without being surrounded by your family," Dion pointed out, "perhaps this time we can focus on getting to know you better, what do you say?" He extended his hand to him.

Godric tried not to laugh at the previous conversation, getting satisfaction from the fact that Régine's parents didn't seem to like Julien.
"It's nice to see you too and I'm looking forward to getting to know you as well," he shook Dion's hand.

Dion smirked at Godric's firm handshake, he let go and looked at Katriane.
"Where is my son?"

"Right here," Sinclair walked down the stairs, wiping a bit of blood from the corner of his mouth.

"Mon bébé!" Isabela went to him and hugged him tightly, "my 'andsome little boy, 'ow 'ave you been?"

"Isabela, you're smothering him," Dion chuckled.

Godric tried to keep a straight face, sure he'd be able to use that against Sinclair some time in the future.

"I've been great," Sinclair smiled, looking completely under control, "what have you two been up to?"

"Touring New Orleans," Dion hugged Sin and patted his back, "we've also been looking for a location to place out US headquarters in should you want to stay in Louisiana, you could operate the family business from here."

Sin looked into Dion's eyes.
"I won't take over the family business, and you will be okay with that."

Dion smiled.
"Won't force you to do anything you don't want to do," he turned to Katriane, "perhaps you could do it?"

Katriane looked at Sin, shocked that he would compel their father, she looked at Dion and gave a nervous chuckle.
"I'll zhink about it, papa, no promises zhough."

Dion turned to Régine.
"I'm going to go set the table," she said and walked away before Dion could say anything.

"I'll go help you," Julien quickly volunteered and followed her, much to Godric's chagrin.

"Dion, Isabela," Sébastiene walked in smiling.

"Vell if it isn't my favorite son-in-law!" Isabela kissed both his cheeks.

"Bela, I'm your only son-in-law," Sébastiene chuckled.

"If you weren't you most likely wouldn't be the favorite," Dion smirked.

"Papa!" Katriane looked at him, wide eyed.

"Relax, he knows I'm joking," Dion patted Séb's shoulder.

He gave a nervous chuckle.
"Of course..."

Aimé walked in, still looking rather shocked, Isabela looked at him a bit concerned.
"Aimé, mon ami, you look like you've seen a ghost."

"Something like that, oui," Aimé gave a faint chuckle, "I've just, uh... been zhinking about Lucienne a lot," he nodded.

"Oh you poor zhing," Isabela hugged him, "must be 'ard for you."

"Oui," Aimé's lie was convincing, "so hard.

"I know what will cheer you up," Dion grinned, and from a bag he pulled a bottle of cognac, "what do you say?"

"Dion, ve're not trying to turn 'im into an alcoholic," Isabella looked at him disapprovingly.

"Actually, I could use a drink," Aimé smirked.

"Atta boy," Dion looked at Katriane, "fetch me the glasses," he then turned to Godric, "do you fancy some?"

Godric smirked and gave a nod.
"Sure, I could have a drink or two."

Dion looked pleased.
"Let's head over to the dining room." He walked off.

Katriane watched as they walked away, she then looked at Godric.
"It seems papa likes you already," she gave him a small smile before going to the kitchen to fetch the glasses.

"It would seem so," Godric grinned to himself, this was almost too easy for him. He walked over to the dining room and everyone took their seats as the food was being served.

Right after him Katriane walked in with the glasses and passed them around to the table before sitting down, and as per custom the Zaeri's joined hands with everyone else and Isabel began to pray in French.

Sinclair looked at his mother, and around the table, it seemed Godric was the only other one who didn't have his head bowed in prayer, and he could guess why. After knowing everything he knew now, and what he now was, God seemed almost like something out of a fairy tale, pure fantasy and no truth. He looked at Julien and raised an eyebrow, surely he didn't believe in God...

Régine opened her eyes and looked at Sin, gesturing to their praying mother.

"Désole," he mouthed, and closed his eyes and bowed his head, but he did not pray, his head was filled with more important things.

When Isabela was done with her prayer, there was a chorus of 'amen', and the drinks were poured.

"So, Godric," Dion wasted no time, "what is it you do for a living?"

"Give zhe man a chance to eat, Dion," Isabela chuckled.

Godric smirked.
"It's quite alright, Mrs. Zaeri."

"Oh please, call me Isabela," she smiled.

Godric gave a nod and looked at Dion.
"I don't really work my family got it's money through trade and stock."

"Trade and stock?" Dion grinned, "you know, I own a trading company, if your fa--"

"Papa," Régine looked at him, "surely you're not trying to get Godric roped up into your business?"

"Well my darling, truth is this young man wants to date my daughter," Dion looked at Godric, "and anyone who wants to get involved with my children will be involved with the family business."

Godric smiled.
"That sounds very interesting, what exactly do you trade?"

"Soleil et Lune Commerce is the pioneer of medical technology, we do lots of trading with Kingmaker Land Development Inc." Dion smiled, "perhaps you've heard of them with your family being in stocks and all."

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Re: New Girl In town

Post  OriginalHybrid on Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:05 am

Godric thought for a moment and then spoke hmm the name does sound familiar but I don’t think we’ve ever associated him them before. He mumbles Kingmaker why does that name sound so familiar. "Perhaps you've heard of the owner, Lucien Castle?" Dion prompted, "he's quite known in the business world." "Great chap," Julien took a sip of cognac, "have had the pleasure of meeting him on a few occasions." Godric’s eyes widen in surprise upon hearing that name he whispers Lucien he’s still alive. Godric clears his throat regaining his composure The name sounds very familiar but I haven’t had the “pleasure” of meeting Mr… Castle when exactly was the last time you met him? "A couple of months ago," Dion replied, "was looking into some new equipment, some masks of sort, brand new to the market, state of the art masks for collecting patient samples." Godric squinted head tilted masks? Samples of what. "Saliva," he took a swig of his drink, "or at least that is what I was told. I don't get involved with the actual products."

Godric blinks and thinks who the hell needs a special mask to collect samples of saliva that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Well Godric said smiling I’ll have to meet him one day discuss business. Godric thought silently I can’t believe that annoying git has survived for all these years must be very lucky. "Mister Castle doesn't meet with common folk," Julien chuckled, "he only meets with those of his same stature." "Which is why you should consider joining my business," Dion smirked, "could open a lot of doors for you, mister Mikaelson." Godric glared at Julien momentarily flashing his eyes quickly then turned to Dion and smiled I’ll discuss it with my siblings and get back to you as soon as I can Dion thank you. Dion raised his glass, grinning. "I'll be getting the paperwork ready." Julien rolled his eyes. "Monsieur Dion, are you sure you want someone with no business experience to involved with the company?" Dion looked at him, eyebrow raised. "Are you trying to tell me how to run my business?" "No, sir, I just--" "Then don't meddle," Dion chugged his drink. Godric smirked smugly at Julien and took a sip of his drink.

So Isabela with Dion running a successful business what do you do with all of your free time someone as beautiful as yourself must be quite social and adventurous. "Oh," Isabela blushed and giggled, Dion took her hand smirking and placed a kiss upon it, "I 'elp Katriane and Sébastiene vith zheir record company back in Paris, should zhey stay 'ere I'd be taking over. But I do like a good party." She smiled. Katriane chuckled. "Mama is quite zhe party animal.” Godric smiled you do seem the life of the party type he also looked at Kat and Seb I didn't know you two had a record company that must be fun what's it like. "It's still small," Séb smiled, "founded two months ago after Lucienne... passed." Julien shifted slightly in his seat. "Ve zhought it vould be zhe end of Belle Morte," Kat spoke, "Régine vas getting ready to come to New Orleans, Aimé vanted to stay out of zhe spot light, Julien was getting more involved vith Soleil et Lune, so ve decided to pave zhe vay for new artists," her smile was soft, "so many brilliant artists have emerged from us, I vouldnt be surprised if ve 'eard zheir music played 'ere soon." Godric tilted his that's so nice of you two to help people reach their goals it must be so buzzz buzzz Godric looked at his phone startled and saw Klaus calling him he glared at the screen then put the phone back in his pocket sorry about that now where was—buzz buzz he took his phone out again and saw Rebekah calling him he blinked at his phone then looked up at the Zaeri’s excuse me for a moment he got up and walked to the bathroom to answer his phone he put it to his ear and spoke annoyed

What is it I’m in the middle of something Rebekah responded Ric we have a bit of a problem I’m sending you a message Godric checked his phone and he stared in confusion no fucking way. There was a huge graffiti sign that read der Störenfried Sucht nach der Drauf. Godric spoke to Rebekah do we have any leads as to who the fuck keeps doing this Rebekah responded no but Nik went to talk to Marcel he said he’s have his guys on lookout for anything suspicious. Ric what do you think this means only one person calls you that. Godric shook his head getting angry now no he said firmly we searched for weeks she’s gone this is just some bastard trying to get a rouse out of me and I won’t give them the satisfaction I don’t have time to deal with this right now but keep me posted and I’ll be home later ok. Rebekah nodded alright just be careful. Godric smirked always am and hung up the phone he stared into the mirror silently thinking shook his head then walked back to the dining room so sorry for the interruption my sister needed something and it couldn’t wait now where were we?

"So," Dion poured himself some more of his cognac, "we've seen your siblings, you speak of them often, but what of your parents? Has Régine met them yet?"Isabela gasped softly, hand to her chest. "I am sorry to 'ear zhat." Régine took hold of Godric's hand, caressing it with her thumb. Dion cleared his throat. "My apologies, it was not my intention to make you uncomfortable, Godric." Godric holds Regine's hand and speaks no it's quite alright you had no way of knowing he smiles at Regine its not something we normally talk about "Vell," Isabela gave a sympathetic smile, "I know ve 'ave only recently met, but you and Régine seem quite enamored, should zhings get more serious you should know you vill always 'ave us as family." Julien bit the inside of his cheek, a twinge of jealousy within him. Godric smiled "thank you Isabela I really appreciate that you've all been so kind to me" he looked out of the corner of is eye and took great satisfaction in the look Julien displayed. He thought to himself looks like Mikael and Esther were good for something after all. Julien's smirk faded. Régine smiled and kissed Godric's cheek lovingly. "Oh," Isabela looked at them, smiling brightly, "young love."Godric looked at Regine smiling and kissed her cheek as well.
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Re: New Girl In town

Post  Kaez Alexandrov on Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:06 pm

Julien kept his head down, looking angrily at his plate.
This glorified bastard is taking everything I've worked years for away from me...
He tried to keep calm, not wanting to make a scene, but he could feel his fists trembling, his face grew red. He took a deep breath and tried to tune out the conversation, it didn't help that he hadn't fed ever since he got injured.
"Excuse me," he stood and walked out of the dining room.

Katriane and Sinclair looked at each other wondering what he was up to now.

He walked over to Régine's room where he kept his blood stashed, and growled when he saw it wasn't there. He thought for a moment, remembering Sin walking down the stairs with blood on his lips, and he quickly made his way to Kat's room and sighed seeing all the empty blood bags in his open case on top of the bed.
"Damn it, Sinclair..." He took a deep breath trying not to lose himself and walked downstairs, and walked into the dining room deep in thought, but his thoughts were interrupted by Katriane who seemed to be struggling to stay in her seat and not attack anyone, clinging to Séb for dear life. "Katriane," he spoke softly, "I need your help for a moment, could you come with me please?"

Katriane looked at Sin and Godric before standing.
"Of course, excusez-moi..." She walked out, happy to be away from the group of humans, "vhat is it?"

"Do you trust me?" Julien looked at her.

"No," she replied quickly, "not after vhat you did to Lucienne."

Julien rolled his eyes and pulled Kat away from the dining room.
"Would you rather me had killed Lucienne or Lucienne had killed your sister?"

"Lucienne vould 'ave ne--"

"Katriane we all know Lucienne was your best friend, but we also know she didn't like your sister," he looked into Kat's eyes, "trust me when I say I wouldn't have done what I did if it wasn't necessary."

Kat took a step back.
"I'm a vampire now, Julien, you can't compel me."

He shrugged softly and shook his head.
"I wasn't trying to."

Katriane looked at him for a moment, feeling he was being truthful.
"D'accord, vhy did you call me out of zhe dining room?"

"Had you fed before your parents got here? You seemed to be struggling."

"Oui," she nodded, "monsieur Godric had me feed of Aimé."

Julien circled around her thinking.
"And you're still thirsty."

Katriane gulped and nodded.

He looked in direction of the kitchen and then at Katriane.
"Well I'm parched, wanna split a drink?" He smirked.

"Vhat do you mean?"

"Follow me," Julien walked over to the kitchen and tapped one of the caterers on the shoulder, when he turned around he looked into his eyes, "you will follow every order I give you without question," the caterer nodded, "follow us." Katriane looked at Julien, still not used to the new power they had over the humans, but right this moment she didn't mind, the burning in her throat was killing her. They walked over to the bathroom, Julien locked the door behind them, he looked at the caterer. "Undress and step into the tub." And he did as told.

Katriane gulped.
"Vhat if I kill 'im?"

"I won't let you," Julien patted her back, "and I'm confident you won't let yourself drain him, your guilt would be too great."

She nodded.
"'oo goes first?"

"I'll go first, that way I'll have a clear mind as you feed," Julien walked over to the man, "don't move or make a sound." He then sank his teeth into his wrist and began to drink, all thoughts vanishing as he concentrated on the warm crimson liquid that ran down his throat, feeling himself rejuvenated. A moment later he looked back at Katriane whom was sitting on the floor with her knees to her chest, rocking back and forth repeating 'Seb est mon ancrage' over and over to herself. Julien frowned, hating seeing his friend like this, he walked over to her and placed a soft hand on her shoulder, "hey, relax, you'll be fine."

Katriane looked up at him, teary eyed.
"'Ow are you so sure?"

Julien smiled.
"The fact that you still haven't gone to feed is a good sign that you have greater control than you think." She looked behind Julien and gulped, seeing the man standing in the tub, blood trickling from his wrist. "Now go, and trust yourself to know when to stop."

Katriane slowly got up and walked over to the man, fear evident in his face.
"I'm sorry," she whispered, before taking his wrist and drinking greedily from it, Julien walked over to them and observed, making sure the man didn't fall and injure himself. Katriane kept drinking and his knees buckled, she looked up at him and saw his face getting pale, it was then she pulled away, fearing she had killed him. "Is 'e alright?!"

Julien smirked and bit his own wrist, putting it to the man's mouth. Immediately the color went back to his face and his wound healed.
"Tu as fait brillant," he smiled at her, "how do you feel?"

"Better," Katriane nodded, "zhe thirst is still zhere but it is less."

"Good," Julien looked at the man in the eyes, "you will get cleaned up, you will get dressed, and you will join your coworkers. Once you're with them you will forget everything that happened, if they ask where you had been you will tell them you needed to use the restroom. Understood?"

"Yes," he replied, and began to do as he was told.

Julien wiped some blood off Katriane's face and smiled.
"Come on, let's go back to the others."

She nodded and smiled back.
"Alright, let's go."

They both walked out of the bathroom and immediately bumped into Sébastiene, who seemed worried.
"What were you two doing the zhere?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Relax, we were having a snack," Julien smirked.

Séb took Katriane's hand defensively.
"Really now?"

"Mon amour," Katriane kissed his cheek, "Julien 'as been truthful, I zhink ve can trust 'im."

Sébastiene looked at Katriane and at Julien.
"What made you change your mind?"

"I just know..."

He nodded.
"Up until now I didn't 'ave reason not to trust you, but if Katriane says you can be trusted..." Sébastiene smiled, "I suppose I can," he patted his arm, "now come on, everyone's growing suspicious."

"Seems to be the hottest trend right now," Julien rolled his eyes and they all went back to the dining room, where they all spoke and drank until the late hours of the night...

"Godric, it vas so nice to finally get to know you," Isabela kissed both of Godric's cheeks and hugged him tight.

"Oui," Dion said, clearly drunk, and extended his hand to Godric, whom shook it firmly, causing Dion to grin once more, "Vous êtes un bon homme, j'espère vous voir bientôt."

"J'ai l'impression que nous le ferons," Godric smirked.

Dion waved everyone off and with Isabela's help they walked down the street.

"Vell I'd say tonight vas a success," Régine slurred on the sofa, holding a glass of wine.

"Oui," Katriane said, looking at her own glass, disappointment on her face, "quite."

Julien looked satisfied with himself.
"I believe so too," he stretched and yawned, "well I'm heading to bed, I've got some things to do in the morning," he looked at Régine, "will you be coming to bed soon?" He smirked knowing this would annoy Godric.

Régine took a gulp of her wine and looked at him.
"I'll be going to bed whenever I want," she slurred at him.

Julien chuckled and kissed the top of her head.
"Goodnight all."

"Bonne nuit, Julien," Katriane nodded, and he went to the room.

Régine got up, and trying to keep her balance she walked over to Godric and wrapped her arms around his neck, she kissed him sweetly and whispered.
"Je ne veux pas me coucher avec lui, je veux aller au lit avec toi."

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Re: New Girl In town

Post  OriginalHybrid on Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:46 am

Godric smiled coolly and whispered back I don’t think we’ll be doing much sleeping luv he kissed her neck causing Regine to tremble and blush. Regine turned around to face Katriane she cleared her throat and spoke "Katriane", Regine slurred holding onto Godric for support she smiled widely I vill be spending the night vith Godric. Katriane tried to keep her grin hidden. "Okay," she winked and looked at Godric, "take care of 'er." Godric smirked back slightly and nodded oh I intend to he picks up Regine bids goodnight to everyone and they both walk out the door. Godric smiled as he carried Regine to his car he placed her in the passenger seat and walked around to his side of the car and started driving home.

Régine was feeling happy in her drunk daze, she looked to the side at Godric as he drove, examining every one of his handsome features. She grinned as her eyes scanned him and she reached the area of his manhood. She blushed remembering the night before, and suddenly she craved him again. Without saying word she leaned over to him and kissed his cheek, undoing his pants; Régine pulled out his member and taking one last look at him she dove and wrapped her lips around it... Godric’s eyes widened as he felt Régine wrap her warm lips around his member. It took every ounce of focus and self-control for him to drive without crashing. Somehow he managed to make it to the compound in one piece Regine he parked in front of the house and leaned back in his chair enjoying Regine’s soft tongue he soon felt his orgasm coming. Ughh Régine Genie I’m gonna Regine quickened her movements taking his entire manhood into her mouth stroking it quickly until Godric released everything into her mouth. Régine swallowed his entire load and wiped the corners over her mouth she looked up at him smiling looking very pleased Godric stared at her smiling thinking of all the ways he’d return the favor he kissed her deeply and carried her into the house and up the stairs to his room unnoticed and undetected.

Regine awoke the next morning with a slight headache she lay in an unfamiliar bed she sat up quickly and realized she wasn’t wearing any clothes. She quickly pulled the sheets to cover herself and looked around once more and noticed there was an old looking painting of… Godric she smiled dreamily as she stared at it admiring his features captured so perfectly. She closed her eyes as she remembered what had happened the night before she blushed deeply as her hands wandered her eyes opened abruptly once she realized again that she wasn’t wearing any clothes. Regine attempted to stand but felt a bit light headed she had never been Godric’s room before and couldn’t help but look around curiously. Godric’s room was fascinating it was huge and filled with things from all over the world. He had a bookshelf lined with things she had never heard of there was a desk with several notebooks in what appeared to be his handwriting but she didn’t dare read them. She searched for her clothes but couldn’t find them anywhere so she wrapped herself with the bed sheets and silently opened the door.

The hallway was empty and quiet she made her way outside and walked slowly down the corridor looking around amazed at how incredible it looked there were portraits like the one in Godric’s room hanging from the walls but they were of his siblings in very old clothes. She tilted her head and stared at them mesmerized such beauty such detail she had never seen anything like it. Godric’s family was so refined and cultured to surround themselves with so many wonders, suddenly she heard a doorway from down the hall open and a man came out Regine squeaked but held her hand in front of her mouth she backed up against the wall and held her breath trying not to alert him to her presence. She quietly tried to slide back into Godric room and once she was sure she was out of his range of hearing she shuffled quickly but was stopped abruptly by what felt like a stone wall “que se passe-t-il” she breathed as she rubbed her nose she looked up and saw the man she blinked rapidly and thought I could have sworn he was just down the hall how could he have but her thoughts were interrupted by his question.

Aren’t you Godric’s girlfriend Regine looked up and blushed vhat she said slightly embarrassed as she hugged the sheets closer to her body? Klaus repeated the question. Aren’t you my brother’s girlfriend? Regine blushed deeper and smiled “oh vell um I”, suddenly Rebekah emerged from her room and looked around “Nik if you’re going to eat would you mind not doing it so close to my…” She stopped short once she saw Regine. Well what’s all this she walked over and once she got closer she tilted her head squints aren’t you Ric’s bird Regine blinked what Rebekah nodded yeah you’re the one who invited us over for a cookout the Belle Morte girl. Regine nodded sheepishly oui I am from Belle Morte she reached out to shake Rebekah’s hand but felt her sheets slip Bekah noticed and helped her adjust come with me luv I have something for you to wear. Regine smiled with relief and followed Rebekah into her room. Her jaw dropped as she saw the literal mall of clothes Rebekah had in her closet mon Dieu you have so many clothes this is unbelievable Rebekah smiled thanks help yourself take whatever you like. Regine looked at her alarmed oh I couldn’t Rebekah nodded yeah you can as you can see I have more than enough.

Regine smiled and walked into the closet she placed the sheet on one of the chairs and picked out a nice little outfit she walked out and showed it to Rebekah. Nice she said much better than the sheet Regine smile oui I agree umm she asked do you know vhere Godric is. Rebekah shook her head no clue he’s usually the last to wake up she smiled you must have given him a reason to wake up early, Regine smiled and blushed looking down. Well you can join us for breakfast while we wait for him Rebekah leads Regine out into the halls and down the stairs to the dining room Elijah, Nik, Kol Hayley and Hope are already sitting at the table they all glace up as Rebekah and Regine enter the room. Regine smiles sheepishly and waves bonjour everyone. Hope laghs and waves excitedly at her which causes Regine to relax slightly. Rebekah squeezes her shoulder and leads her to an empty seat. Kol looked at Régine and smirked. "I wasn't aware we ran a shelter now." Régine looked at him and chuckled. "Oui, Godric filled out zhe paperwork yesterday." Kol smirked quick on your feet I like that and apparently you’re your selection from Bekah’s wardrobe quick off your feet my brother did always have a thing for nimble girls. Klaus smirked without looking up from his book well let’s all hope this doesn’t end up like the last time you liked someone Ric was seeing we don’t need anymore stalkers.

Regine blinked in confusion stalker? Rebekah hit Klaus in the arm ignore him luv he doesn’t know what he talking about she has smiled coolly now water you in the mood for several waiter approached them ready to take their order. Regine was caught off guard oh umm I vould like some chocolate chip waffles with fruits please the waiters nodded bowed and within minutes brought her a tray of food which she happily accepted. Rebekah poured herself a drink from a large silver container to which everyone else had already sipped from may I have some of that please. Elijah looked up from his paper and smiled I’m afraid we’re all out of that he signaled for a pitcher of orange juice and some coffee. Regine smiled and poured herself some coffee. She watched as everyone else drank a dark red liquid and wondered what strange drink it could be perhaps some exotic fruits from some far off place she had never heard of but her thoughts were interrupted as Godric walked through the front door holding a plastic bag he face lit up upon seeing him but his eyes widened when he saw her sitting at the table.

Crap he thought upon seeing Regine surrounded by her family dressed in Bekah’s clothes I thought I had more time Godric rushed to the table what happened what did you lot do what did you say. Elijah smirked come now Godric how much damage could we possibly have done in the time you’ve been gone? Godric squinted and mumbled plenty.Regine chuckled and got up to kiss Godric lightly on the lips.  Bonjour mon amour I missed you Godric looked down at her and smiled I missed you too luv. Regine looked at the bag he had in his hands she smiled is zhat for me. Godric looked at the bag and smirked yes it is I had to go to the dry cleaners to get your clothes cleaned we got them…dirty Regine blushed bright red well thank you
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Re: New Girl In town

Post  Kaez Alexandrov on Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:41 pm

Julien opened his eyes slowly and stretched, smiling. He turned around to put his arm around Régine like he did every morning.
“Bonjour, mon a—“ He was cut short upon noticing Régine wasn’t there next to him, “hm, must have gotten an early start to her day,” he smiled, “no matter…” He got up and walked over to the mirror, he examined his wound and was satisfied to see that it was but a thin scar now. “I suppose having that witch around can come in handy at times…” He picked up his towel and his clothes, and walked over to the bathroom. Once clean he got dressed and walked out to the living room where he saw Katriane on her laptop. “Bonjour, Katriane,” he smiled at her, “you’re up early.”

Katriane looked up and smiled at him.
“Oui, being dead doesn’t excuse me from my vork,” she gestured towards the computer.

“I see,” he smirked and tilted his head, “have you fed yet?”

Katriane gave a small nod.
“Oui, I did…”

Julien blinked.
“Who did you feed from?”

“Sébastiene,” Katriane scratched the back of her head, “’e’s upstairs resting.”

He smirked.
“Well as long as you didn’t kill him,” he looked around, then back at Katriane, “where’s Régine?”

Katriane turned her attention back to her laptop.
“She, erm… She’s out.”

“Out where?” Julien blinked.

“You know… out…” Katriane didn’t look at him.
He raised an eyebrow.
“Out doing what?”


Julien was growing impatient.
“Is she with Godric?” Katriane kept quiet, Julien growled and looked at his watch, it was 7:30am. “I don’t have time for this, did she take her car?”

“Non, keys are on zhe ‘ook,” Katriane pointed at them without lifting her gaze.

“Thanks,” his tone was acidic, he sped to the keys and out the door into Régine’s car, he turned the key and drove to the Longue Vue House to meet the mystery assassin.

Julien parked and walked to the museum entrance, he looked at his watch and right when it turned 8 a rather loud black and red sports car pulled up to the front, he raised an eyebrow eyeing it, trying to look through the tinted windows, this had to be her.

The door opened and out walked a woman wearing a halter top, a short skirt, a leather jacket, knee high boots and a gun strapped to her thigh. He looked at her fact and his eyes widened. This was the same woman that stopped him at the bar, and was doing the graffiti yesterday. He examined her, next to Régine she was the most attractive woman he’d ever seen.

She raised an eyebrow.

“J-Julien Blasco,” his face scrunched up, why did she make him nervous?

She looked at him for a moment.

“Are you Ni—“ She grabbed him by the neck and rushed to the lush gardens, she slammed him against a tree making it shake and release its loose leaves, “what the—“ she slammed him again.

“You broke my fucking arm!” She got close to his ear, “don’t think I won’t be taking that into consideration.”

“Noted,” Julien said weakly.

She looked down at him and noticed a bulge in his pants, she squinted at him and took hold of it, crushing it in her hand making him scream out with pain.
“Like that, huh?!” She grinned evilly.

Julien tried to punch her but she took hold of his arm and broke it, making him scream out once more.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“I’ll make you a list later,” she tossed him aside, “now, state your business.”

“Do you treat all you clients like this?!” He stood, looking frightened.

“Listen, do you need my services or not?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Fuck…” He shook his head, “can I at least know who it is I’m talking to?”


“What kind of name is that?” He raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know, what kind of a pussy ass name is Julien?” She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow.

Julien bit the inside of his cheek, not wanting to get clobbered by this woman.
“I need to get rid of someone, someone dangerous.”

Nikolayevna nodded.
“Where can I find this person?”

“In Kenner,” Julien replied, “it’s a secluded mansion near Lake Pontchartrain, large and purple, quite ornate, hard to miss.”

“Let me guess, you’re not invited in, and this person is a vampire,” Nikki began to walk down the path, Julien followed. “Would this person happen to be Lucienne Loyer?”

“How did you—“

“It’s my job to know things,” Nikki interrupted him, “so you killed her, but failed, and now want her dead for good. Is that it?”

“Y-yeah…” Julien looked at her surprised.

“Now we must discuss the subject of payment,” Nikki stopped to look at him, “I want to be paid in advance, none of this ‘I’ll pay you later’ nonsense, I get paid, then I kill; I’m not about to get scammed. Now… how much are you willing to pay?”

Julien thought for a moment.
“Well I don’t know, I’ve never hired an assassin before… Would $100 cover it?”

Nikki looked at him, no emotion showing in her face.
“You’re shitting me, right?”

“Well, how much do you want?” Julien felt uncomfortable under her gaze.

“2 million dollars.”

“WHAT?!” His eyes widened. “You’re insane!”

“Yes I am, but that’s besides the point,” she smirked, “if you don’t like it you can kill her yourself, oh wait, you can’t.”

“Fine!” Julien rolled his eyes and took out his phone, “I’ll transfer the money to you.”

Nikolayevna chuckled and took out her phone as well, and they completed the transfer.
“When do you reckon would be the best time to strike?”

“Well tomorrow my band mates and I are playing at the music festival,” Julien thought for a moment, “the house will be empty until the early morning, I assume they’ll be leaving her there alone.”

“Hm, that really puts a damper to my plans,” Nikki was deep in thought, “I was thinking of looking for Drauf there…”

“Who is this Drauf you are desperately searching for so much?” Julien couldn’t help his curiosity.

She looked at him for a moment from head to toe.
“You wouldn’t know him, he doesn’t talk to people below his stature,” Julien couldn’t help but be offended, but before he could say anything she spoke. “Anyways,” Nikki shook his hand, “by tomorrow night your little headache will be gone.” She smiled at him and then pretended to go to punch him, causing him to flinch. “Ha, bitch.” And with that she sped away.

Julien looked in the direction that she ran and shook his head.
“Fucking crazy…” He took a deep breath, wincing thinking about the pain she caused him a few minutes ago, “but as long as she gets the job done…” He began to walk back to his car, deep in thought. Lucienne would be history, but what about Godric? How long would it take Morgan to work her charm and get him away from his woman? He was growing impatient, it seemed every day Godric sank his dirty paws deeper into her. “Original hybrid…” He scoffed as he got in the car, “original pain in the ass…” He started the car and drove back home, hoping to see Régine already home. After all, they had to rehearse before tomorrow…

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Re: New Girl In town

Post  OriginalHybrid on Wed Apr 26, 2017 11:07 pm

Godric walked over to the table with Regine and sat down next to her he started serving himself eggs toast and sausage. Elijah looked up from his paper at Regine then back at the article he was reading. The article about the graffiti sprayed on the monument. "Miss Zaeri this is a very interesting article," "have you heard any more about who did this or why." Regine shakes her head "non so far ve haven’t gotten any leads zhere ‘ave been various incidents and it appears that they have been done by several different people." "For instances, zhere vas one at zhe cinema vhere a man wrote the same message on the wall in ‘is own blood." Elijah looked at Godric who in turn stared back and nodded slightly Regine noticed this but didn’t say anything.  

Godric reached over and picked up the silver pitcher he realized it was empty and signaled for another one to be brought over. Regine saw that and thought now was her chance to taste the strange drink. Godric poured himself some and set it back down Regine extended her hand but Godric stopped her. "Oh you can’t drink that", Regine raises an eyebrow curiously, "and vhy not" Godric thinks quickly "because it has…pineapple in it and you’re allergic" he said before taking a sip. Oh Regine said looking disappointed "vhat a shame". Godric looks at her and smirks he leans in to kiss her she notices and puts her hand on his chest "ugh ugh ugh you ‘ave pineapple breathe no kissing" she said smiling. Godric looked down at her and chuckled "well you know what they saw about pineapples and after what you did last night you do too." Regine looked at him eyes wide blushing, her jaw dropped as she grinned, "daaamn my man’s a savage she thought to herself."

Hayley rolled her eyes and shook her head smirking "typical Mikaelson always thinking with the wrong head". Klaus smirked "sounds like you have your hands full with my brother." Elijah chuckles to himself while Hayley blushes bright red and Hope giggles in the background. Okay Godric said "loudly that’s enough of that." Kol smirked "now that’s the first time you’ve said that to a women", Klaus looked and him and replied "lord knows you’ve never said that to anyone ever" Kol glares and retorts smugly "I said it to that witch back in Spain." Total silence occurs as everyone stares at Godric waiting for his response he glares angrily at Kol. Godric gets up and looks over to Regine "I think it’s best we head out now don’t wanna be late." Regine nods uneasy sensing the mood change and follows Godric out of the house to his car. Regine laces her hand with his and relaxes a bit. So he said trying to distract himself "where would you like to go today?"

Regine thinks for a moment "hmm how about zhe art museum," Godric thinks to himself "we have an art museum?" "Yeah okay sounds like fun" they get to his car and drive to the museum parked and walked inside. Regine leads Godric all around the museum pointing out exhibits that she thinks are interesting while he admires her sense of wonder. They eventually happen upon a temporary expo and Regine stops wide eyed she points at one of the paintings. Look, Godric stares as well and his eyes widen too it was a painting of him and Morgan or what looked like them done centuries ago while still together. Regine read the description aloud "straight from Buckingham Palace a private exhibit displaying the past queen of England and her Royal guard rumor has it they were lovers. Regine looked at Godric who stared at the painting trying not to show any emotion. Regine spoke "you know that kinda looks like Morgan. Godric tilts his head "really you think so, I don’t see it" Regine leans in closer and stares at the guard "mmhmm and her guard looks a bit like you only… you are far more 'andsome" she puts her arm around him and smiles. He smiles down at her and kisses the top of her head.

Suddenly Regine’s phone rings she takes it out and sees that it’s Julien calling her she sends him voicemail and puts her phone away "sorry about zhat" she said and they continue looking at the art. A minute later her phone rings again she rolls her eyes and answers it hello, Julien is on the other end and speaks "Regine where are you" she respons slightly annoyed "I’m on a date vith Godric"… "Godric yells through the phone HIIIIIIII Julien". Julien glares at the phone and tries to maintain his composure he speaks to Regine "well we need you to rehearse, the concert is tomorrow". Regine nods "yes okay we’ll be there in 15 minutes" and she hangs up the phone putting it back in her purse. "Sorry we 'ave to cut our date short" she said walking back over to Godric. Godric smirked no problem "I can’t wait to hear your amazing voice" Regine smiled and they left the museum and drove to Regine’s house…
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Re: New Girl In town

Post  Kaez Alexandrov on Mon May 01, 2017 1:16 am

Julien paced around the living room, wondering why Régine hadn’t returned yet, it was unlike her to ignore her responsibilities, no matter what she was always responsible and punctual.

“Julien, you’re going to burn a ‘ole in zhe carpet,” Katriane looked at him, sipping on a glass of fresh blood courtesy of Aimé.

He stopped and sighed, took out his phone and dialed her.
“I’m gonna call her,” he put the phone to his ear and two rings later he was sent to voicemail. He took a deep breath, trying not to lose his temper. Régine never ignored his calls, and he knew the reason she did this time was because of the insufferable bastard she was so infatuated with. He dialed her again, and was relieved when he heard Régine’s voice, though her annoyed tone saddened him.

“Bonjour,” she spoke.

“Mon amour, where are you?” Julien kept his tone sweet despite Régine’s slight indifference.

“I’m on a date vith Godric.”

“HIIIIIIII Julien!” He heard Godric yell, causing his eyes to go black before taking a deep breath, trying his hardest not to crush the phone in his hand.

“Well we need you to rehearse, the concert is tomorrow and there is no show without the star,” Julien tried to sound happy.

“Oui, d’accord, we’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

She hung up on him.

Julien looked at the phone for a moment before putting it in his pocket, it didn’t seem Morgan’s plan had started to work. Her words keep insisting rang in his head, he took a deep breath sitting down, pinching the bridge of his nose.
“I try so hard,” he spoke to Katriane, “so hard to show her how much I love her, I’ve been there with he through thick and thin, protected her; and in comes this Neanderthal, the worst thing to happen to all of us since Jon Luc, and sweeps her off her feet… Why does Régine always pick men who aren’t good for her?”

Katriane finished sipping on the blood and set the glass on the coffee table in front of her, she scoot over closer to Julien and hugged him.
“Monsieur Godric is not a bad man, he—“

Julien rolled his eyes.
“His entire family is a danger to us all; Godric wants to kill me, he killed your brother on a whim, his brother killed you, it’s only a matter of time before he turns Régine too. Don’t you see? We’re nothing but playthings to the Mikaelsons, and Godric is going to have Régine follow him around like a puppy, then leave her when he’s bored of her, just like he did with Morgan. Do you really want Régine to chase after a man who doesn’t want her for centuries? I wouldn’t do that,” he teared up, “I’d treat her like a queen for the rest of my existence, give her everything she could possibly want. I’m good for her, not him…”

Julien’s words struck a chord with Katriane, and suddenly she felt a bit uneasy with the idea of Godric Mikaelson. Not a word that Julien said was false, but she felt there was more to Godric than met the eye.
“I zhink…” she began, “you should let her figure out he’s not right for her on her own, if that is true.”

“Like I let her find out with Jon Luc after he beat the shit out of her?” Julien shook his head, “I can’t stand around and watch the love of my life get hurt again, Katriane, it would destroy me.”

Katriane nodded.
“And I understand, but Régine is hard headed vhen it comes to love, it’s just the way she is, and if she doesn’t hit rock bottom with him she’ll never learn, no matter how hard you try to show her… Just keep trying with her, but try not to rush her.”

Just then they heard Godric’s car pull up on the driveway, Julien stood straight and straightened his clothes before walking to the doo and smiling at Régine, resisting all urge to rush to the car and open the door for her, wanting to be patient and not cling to her.

He observed as Godric opened the door for her and helped her out, the smile on Régine’s face was of unmistakable happiness.

“Mon amour,” Julien took her hand and kissed it, trying not to scowl at the scent of Godric all over here, “we’ve missed you.”

Régine gave a small nod, her smile not fading.
“Vish I could say zhe same,” she giggled seeing Julien’s expression change, “I am just joking, Julien, it’s nice to be back ‘ome and back into zhe swing of zhings.”

Julien chuckled nervously.
“Oui…” he cleared his throat, “Séb and Aimé are upstairs setting up,” he moved out of the way to let Régine in, he looked at Godric and raised an eyebrow, “are you going to be joining us?”

“Yeah,” he pushed Julien aside causing him to growl low.

“Régine, ne pensez-vous pas que ce soit mieux s'il ne se joint pas à nous? Il pourrait être distrayant…” he looked at her.

Godric rolled his eyes.
“Je peux parler français, Julien.”

Julien bit the inside of his cheek, annoyed.

“Julien,” Régine walked to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, “I zhink I am professional enough to be able to rehearse undistracted.”

Julien nodded.
“Very well then,” he smiled softly before heading up the stairs.

Katriane picked up her glass and without saying a word she walked to the kitchen to wash it, Régine looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

“Sissy, are you alright?” She questioned.

Katriane nodded.
“Oui, I just zhink it vould be best if Monsieur Godric didn’t join us today,” she looked at him, “no offense.”

Godric blinked, confused, didn’t Katriane like him?
“None taken,” he tilted his head, “but may I ask why?”

“Vell,” Katriane shifted uncomfortable, “it is just zhat ever since you two became a zhing, you’ve been inseparable, and I vould like to ‘ave my sister to myself for a day, especially before a big day like tomorrow.”

He wasn’t convinced that was the reason behind her odd behavior, so he looked at Régine with kind eyes.
“Well, it’s your call luv. Should I stay or should I go?”

Régine thought for a moment.
“I vould like you to stay,” she looked at Katriane smiling, “I’ll make it up to you tonight, ve’ll go out for drinks, just you and me. Vhat do you zhink?

Katriane’s smile seemed a bit forced.
“Oui, I’d love zhat.”

Godric would have to question her later, but putting that to the back of his head they all headed upstairs to rehearse.

Morgan walked out of her office, feeling quite happy with herself. Tomorrow was the day of the concert, which meant tomorrow would be the day she’d have Régine moved out of her way. Lucienne would kill Régine, and she would kill Lucienne, no one would suspect a thing. After all, she could just say poor little Lucienne wanted to desperately to see her best friend, and she gave them some privacy, by the time she got back it was too late to stop the bloodshed, and in a fit of anger for the death of Godric’s beloved, she’d avenge her and remain a saint in the eyes of them all, and she’d be able to comfort Godric in his grief. It was brilliant, and no one would be able to prove her wrong, except for…

She took out her phone and dialed Jean, feeing content.

“Well if it isn’t the most beautiful witch in all of Louisiana,” Jean sounded happy to hear from her, “to what do I owe this honor?”

Morgan giggled.
“Oh Jean, always the charmer,” she gave a happy sigh, “I’ve called to let you know I’ve had a change of heart, I’ve decided to let Régine live, your voice kept buzzing in my head about doing the right thing.”

“I’m so happy you’ve decided to do what’s right,” Jean’s smile was audible, “perhaps we should celebrate?”

“What do you have in mind?” Morgan smirked.

“Something simple, perhaps? Like a row around the lake surrounded by candles, and wine, under the stars?”

She giggled.
“Sounds good to me.”

“I’ll pick you up later tonight, around eight.”

“See you then,” Morgan hung up, and looked around, wondering what Lucienne was up to.

She walked up the stairs but stopped half way having a vision.

She was at the dock of Virtus dei Est, the island she had acquired off the coast of England for herself and the Mikaelsons for their protection. There was a lot of shouting coming from deep within the forest, she ran towards the sound and saw a girl ready to be sacrificed; there were tears in her eyes, and upon seeing Morgan she began to scream for help…

Morgan blinked, holding on tight to the handrail so she wouldn’t fall; the look in that girl’s eyes, she couldn’t get it out of her mind…

With a shake of her head she continued to walk up the stairs, pushing all thoughts of the girl away, and focusing on finding Lucienne. She walked up to the bedroom door and knocked softly.


Morgan opened the door and looked at Lucienne whom was laying on the bed reading a book, she smiled at her.
“Tomorrow is the big day,” she walked in, “how are you feeling?”

Lucienne thought for a moment.
“Anxious, excited…” She closed the book and sat up to look at Morgan, “are you sure I’ll be able to do it?”

“I have no doubt,” Morgan sat on the edge of the bed, “tomorrow night you’ll tear her heart out, and you will finally know peace.”

“And I’ll be able to see Aimé?” Lucie looked hopeful.

Morgan nodded.
“You’ll see him on stage during the concert, after you kill Régine I’ll arrange for you two to meet.”

Lucienne smiled.
“Merci beaucoup, Madame Morgan, I don’t know how I’ll be able to repay you.”

“You can repay me by controlling yourself,” Morgan’s tone was stern, “I’m handing you Régine on a silver platter, you better control yourself during the festival, no killing, no acting on impulse. Got it?”

Lucienne nodded.

“Good,” Morgan smirked, “now come on, let’s go downstairs and get you some blood.”

“Thank you,” she smiled and they both headed downstairs.

“By the end,” Julien said twirling Régine, “I dip you,” he did so, “and we kiss,” he kissed Régine on the lips for what must have seemed like the 100th time during the hour they had rehearsed.

Godric tried his best to be mature, but the fact that Julien was constantly kissing his woman with the purpose of annoying him was finally getting to him. He was about to stand up when Sinclair pulled him back to his seat, Julien’s mouth twitched into a smirk with satisfaction.

“D’accord,” Régine nodded standing up straight, “ve should move on to the next song.”

“Are you sure?” Julien tilted his head, “we need to make sure everything is perfect.”

“Twirl, dip, kiss,” Régine chuckled, “I memorized it by zhe zhousandth time ve did it.”

Julien scratched the back of his head and nodded.
“Very well, which one shall we rehearse next?”

“Save me, for zhe closing, in memory of Lucienne,” Régine replied.

“Alright,” Julien looked at Aimé and nodded, he played the track and they all got into position, Julien held Régine close by the waist.

“Oi Julien,” Sinclair quipped, “you’re trying to seem close, not look like you’re trying to knock her up.”

“Why do you mind your business, Thibault?” Julien glared at him.

“Sin is right, Julien,” Régine pushed him back softly, “zhat is too close for comfort.”

Godric appeared content with Régine.

“Mon amour, this is how we’ve always done it,” Julien looked at her, “it’s because he’s here, isn’t it?”

Régine took a deep breath.
“’ow about ve take a break?”

“Fine,” Julien rolled his eyes and walked downstairs.

Katriane and Sébastiene stayed in the same close position, arms wrapped around each other. Kat smiled and kissed him deeply, unable to control herself she bit his lip drawing blood. He winced and she took a step back wide eyed.

“Wow, sissy,” Régine’s eyebrows raised upon seeing Séb’s bleeding lip, “don’t be so rough on zhe poor man,”she chuckled.

Kat chuckled nervously.
“Désolé, I cannot control myself around ‘im,” desperate to change the subject she looked at Aimé, “’ave you called Cressida about zhe plan?”

“Plan?” Régine looked at Aimé, “vhat plan?”

“Vell,” Aimé smiled, a bit nervous, “seeing as I vill be the only one on stage vithout a partner, I decided I’m going to ‘ave Cressida join me.”

Régine smiled.
“Do you zhink she’ll accept?”

“I sure hope so…” Aimé grinned, “I’m not going to tell he though, I vant it to be on the spot.”

“Oh, how romantic,” Régine looked at Godric, “’ow do you zhink she’ll react?”

Godric thought to himself she'll be terrified, Cree never was one for the spotlight.  But he spoke with a half-smile.
“I think she would enjoy that very much.”

Aimé relaxed and smiled brightly.

Julien walked back upstairs, Godric’s mood soured once more.
“I believe that was enough of a break, oui?” He smiled, “let’s keep going, we missed a lot of rehearsal days.”

Régine kissed Godric, causing Julien to roll his eyes, before heading back to position and rehearsing again.

They rehearsed for hours until the late night, how Godric was able to keep calm during all of it was surprising even to him. But that didn’t matter, right now Régine was in his arms as they cuddled on the sofa watching a movie, covered by a blanket. He stroked her hair as he listened to her heart beat, not really focusing on what was on the screen.

“Do you zhink we’ll be okay tomorrow?” She asked before giving a small yawn.

Godric smiled and kissed her forehead.
“I think you’ll do brilliant.”

“Aimé!” Katriane could be heard upstairs, “ve can all ‘ear you, and ve really vish ve couldn’t!”

“Désolé!” Aimé shouted back.

Régine giggled.
“Sure seems like Aimé and Cressida are getting along, hm?”

Godric closed his eyes, not really wanting that mental picture.
“Seems like it,” he chuckled before holding her closer to him.

“I’m ‘appy for zhem,” Régine’s eyes slowly shut, “Aimé de…” she yawned, “deserves love again…”

He smiled looking down at Régine as she drifted to sleep, he rested her head atop of hers and nodded.
“You do too,” he whispered, knowing very well she couldn’t hear him. He held her close to him and looked up at the ceiling, thinking now was the best time to talk to Katriane.

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Re: New Girl In town

Post  OriginalHybrid on Sat May 06, 2017 4:47 pm

Godric slowly and carefully crept out from under Regine and made his way upstairs toward Katriane’s room He knocked on her door and waited a moment before a voice on the other end responded “oui entrer” Godric opened the door and saw Katriane sitting on the bed and Seb in the chair nearby “Monsieur Godric can I ‘elp you vith something” Seb sat up more alert as Godric stood in the doorway. Godric cleared his throat “I was wondering if I could have a word with you…in private” he stared at Seb Katriane blinked rather surprised oh vell um she also glanced at Seb who shifted uncomfortably in his seat before nodding and getting up he slowly left the room. “I’ll be in the kitchen if you need anything” he said as he walked out.

Kat sat up on the bed looking at Godric curiously “is something the matter monsieur Godric? Godric stood against the wall and thought for a moment before speaking “have I done something to upset you?” Katriane blinked caught off guard by this totally unexpected question she replied “non you ‘ave not vhat makes you ask that?” Godric looks at her “well earlier when Genie and I were together you suggested that I leave as though you didn’t trust me around her why would that be?” Katriane blushed and looked down “vell It’s just zhat so much ‘as ‘appened in such a short amount of time and I guess I feel zhat it’s because you and Regine spend so much time together.” Godric nodded “I see you think that it’s my fault all this stuff happened to you” Katriane looked up “vell it kind of is your fault you and your family you killed my little brother my brother killed me and…I just don’t want my sister getting hurt” Katriane said quietly waiting for a response.

Godric stood silently for a moment before walking over to Katriane he spoke softly “I love your sister, I love her more than I’ve loved anyone for centuries and I would never ever hurt her. I’ve already given my world that I will do everything in my power to keep her safe and my word Katriane is my bond.” “I do not wish to turn Regine if that is what you are afraid of, her light her humanity her goodness that is why I love her the fact that she can see inside me what I thought had been lost for centuries well…I don’t want that to go away”. “Now as for you I am sorry for what happened I truly am it was not my intention to involve you in any of this.” My brother did what he thought he had to do protect our family even though he was mistaken” “And as for your brother I will admit that what I did to Sinclair was out of impulse but I do not regret turning him, I gave him a choice which is far more than I was offered when I was turned and I believe that with proper training he will become a fine vampire”.

Katriane sat and listened to Godric absorbing every word her heart fluttered upon hearing how much he cared for her sister, and how much of an influence she had on him when he had finished speaking she spoke to him “many people have claimed to love my sister she ‘as been through a lot and deserves all zhe happiness in the world. If you truly love her you must prove it not through words but through actions show her how much you love her.” Godric nodded alright I will you have my word. Katriane looked at him “and your word is your bond?” Godric nods yes it is. Katriane smiles alright zhat is good to hear thank you. “Well if that’s all you wanted to talk about”—she was cut off actually Godric said “there was one other thing Julien he’s been extra annoying to me lately you wouldn’t happen to know anything about that would you has he mentioned anything, talked to you about me and Genie?” Katriane shook her head non nothing that I can recall he’s always been clingy and possessive of Regine I vouldn’t read too much into it.” Godric nodded his head thinking deeply alright thanks I’m glad we had this little chat”. Katriane nodded “as am I”, Godric turned around Bon nuit Katriane I’ll see you in the morning Katriane nodded Bon nuit monsieur Godric. Godric exited the room and walked into the hallway he closed his eyes and thought deeply “that bastard must have planted something in Kat’s head for her to mistrust me well his plans didn’t work and I’m still in good with everyone.”

Godric took out his phone I should check on my little witch he dialed Stella but there was no answer he looked at his phone squinting he then called Davina and after several rings he answered “what is it we’re busy” Godric smirked Stella didn’t pick up and I wanted to know how everything was going. Davina scoffed “well after you dropped her off here and ignored her for two days she focused entirely on practicing and like you said she’s a natural.” Godric smiled and thought “I knew I made the right decision in sparing her”, he spoke to Davina “so what have you taught her so far” well Davina said “the basics what the elders taught me when I was still learning” “she’s done the fire spell, aneurysm spell, force spell, bone breaking, neck snapping she’s learning how to perform a boundary spell right now then after that I’ll teach her about locator spells”. Godric tilted his head slightly impressed “amazing she learned all that is such a short amount of time”. “May I speak with her?” A moment of silence and then Stella spoke hello? Godric smirked” hello my little witch her frown was audible “oh look who decided to see if I was alive” Godric rolled his eyes and tried to keep his tone positive “yes I know I haven’t checked up on you lately I’ve been busy but I have something that might make it up to you” Stella was silent for a moment “yeah I’m listening” “there’s gonna be a concert tomorrow in the quarter how would you like to attend.” “What kind of a concert” Stella asked slightly interested. “”Well it’s a French band they’re famous all across Europe Belle Morte.

Stella thought for a moment “the name sounds familiar, alright what the hell but you have to pick me up none of that send a driver crap and it better not be lame” Godric chuckled alright and I promise it won’t be lame” I’ll see you tomorrow ok pick you up at 5 o’clock Stella nodded deal and you’d better not be late” she said before handing the phone back to Davina “well you sure picked one hell of a witch to adopt”. Godric smirked you know I like em fire Davina laughed oh yes I’m well aware she said before hanging up and getting back to Stella. Godric shook his head “well another thing I have to deal with tomorrow the list just keeps on growing”. Godric turned around to see Sin standing there watching him He tilted his head “well don’t you look like a creepy bugger”. Sin stared unamused whose Stella he asked suspiciously Godric laughed easy mate Stella is a 16 year old witch that I’m helping alright that’s all.” Sin seemed to relax a bit. “And why are you helping her he asked.” Godric walked over to and then passed him let’s just say I owe her and I make good on my debts. What exactly do you owe her for Godric turned around mildly annoyed with all the questions I killed her mother slit her throat then ripped her heart out now if you’re done with all the questions I have other things to do. And as for you, you should be practicing. Sin looked at him confused “practicing what”? Godric turned around with blinding speed and made like he was gonna hit Sin causing him to flinch and fall back. “If you want a shot at my niece you’re gonna need to grow a pair and train, hone your new skills she wouldn’t have even blinked had I done that to her.” Sin nodded and got back up “how do you suggest I train you haven’t exactly been helping me” Godric thought for a moment and broke into a huge grin I have a friend runs a gym out of an old church in the quarter after the concert I’ll introduce you two” Godric started walking down and yelled back his name’s Marcel.

Godric walked back into the den and saw Regine stirring on the couch he walked over to her and placed his hand on her cheek causing her to relax she opened her eyes and smiled seeing him staring down at her. Godric smiled back “hello gorgeous” Regine sat up and pulled him onto the couch where have you been she said as she hugged him tightly Godric smiled “I had to make a call I’m picking someone up tomorrow for the concert.” Regine looked up at him “oh are you bringing a date?” Godric chuckled as a matter of fact… he saw Regine’s reaction and laughed “no luv I’m not it’s my friend’s niece Stella she’s 16 and is visiting so I thought I’d take her to the concert I hope you don’t mind” Oh Regine laughed with him no that’s fine she snuggled against him and he rested his head on top of hers “you know this would be much more comfortable if we went upstairs Regine smiled oh but I don’t know if I can make it all the way up there Godric chuckled and lifted her up with ease then I’ll just have to carry you he said before kissing her deeply as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Godric looked into her eyes and whispered “I love you”, Regine blushed and whispered back “I love you too.” Godric took her upstairs and into her room where they both expressed how much they loved each other.
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Re: New Girl In town

Post  Kaez Alexandrov on Tue May 16, 2017 10:32 pm

Isabela walked into the house looking cheery as ever.
“Bonjour everyone!” She exclaimed in high spirits, “are you all ready for today?”

Katriane took a sip of blood from her thermos and nodded.
“Ready as ve’ll ever be,” she gave a small smile.

“Oh, is zhat coffee?” Isabela got closer.

“Non,” Kat took a step back, “but I can brew some for you.”

“Merci, mon bebe,” she smiled, “black please.”

“On it,” Katriane quickly made her way to the kitchen.

Isabela looked at Julien whom sat grumpily on the couch.
“Ça va, Julien?”

Julien tried to smile.
“Ça va bien, Isabela.”

She nodded.
“Vhere is my daughter?”

Julien’s small faded and he sank deeper into the couch.
“She’s in her room.”

“Merci,” Isabela walked over to Régine’s room and opened the double doors, “bonj—Oh mon Dieu!” She exclaimed and gasped.

Julien got up eager to see Isabela’s horrified face, but all he could see was her blushing face and a glimpse of Régine’s and Godric’s naked bodies, making him scowl.

Régine quickly covered herself with her blanket, Isabela however had her eyes on Godric’s assets, covering her mouth to hide her amused smile.
“Mama!” She exclaimed covering Godric up as well.

“I’m sure zhe two of you slept well,” Isabela said looking away slightly embarrassed, but her smile not leaving her face.

“What’s going on?” Dion asked entering the house, “I heard Isa—“ He stopped seeing Godric and Régine in bed, clearly naked under the covers. “What is the meaning of this?!”

“Oh hush, Dion,” Isabela pushed him away from the door, “let’s give them a chance to get ready,” she closed the doors behind her.

Godric chuckled.
“Morning,” he smirked at Régine.

She looked at him, clearly still embarrassed. She chuckled and kissed him.

Godric grinned and kissed her back, shifting so he was now on top of her, his manhood fully erect pressed up against her. Régine wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, he grabbed her legs and placed them around his waist.

“Godric,” she whispered, “my parents are out zhere.”

“They can wait,” he kissed her neck making Régine melt, she said nothing but simply nodded giving in to him.

“It’s disgraceful,” Julien shook his head, everyone gathered in the living room , “I would never disrespect your daughter like that.”

“I’m going to have a talk with that young man,” Dion was clearly angry, this pleased Julien, “he’s corrupting my daughter.”

“You’re overreacting, Dion,” Isabela rolled her eyes, “it’s not like she’s a child, she is a grown woman.”

“She is my child!” Dion glared at the doors to Régine’s room.

“She deserves better,” Julien nodded, “a man who will respect her and not just want to get in her pants like him, someone who would wait until marriage and treat her like a queen.”

“Monsieur Godric is a good man,” Katriane shot a look to Julien so he’d shut up, “’e respects ‘er, ‘e loves ‘er, but you can’t expect zhem not to do anything papa, it is unrealistic.”

“Sébastiene waited for you to be married before he did anything,” Dion looked at his eldest daughter, “you two dated for years before that happened.”

Sébastiene sat there quiet, sipping his coffee.

“Right?” Dion looked at him.

“Uhm…” Sébastiene was uncomfortably.

“Papa, ve ‘ad sex after our second date,” Katriane rolled her eyes, Séb nearly choked on his drink, “and every day after zhat.”

“Not like that’s happening anymore…” Sébastiene muttered to himself, having been deprived of pleasure ever since Katriane was turned.

Kat sighed.

“Times change, papa,” Sinclair shrugged, “we aren’t as conservative as your generation is.”

“It’s not about being conservative!” Dion stood, “it’s about following the word of God!” He began to walk over to Régine’s room but Sinclair stopped him.

Sin looked into his father’s eyes.
“You will accept what Régine and Godric do on their time alone, and you will not hold it against either of them. Understood?”

Dion nodded and turned around.
“Whatever they do is not my business, you’re all right,” he smiled and sat down next to his wife.

Julien squinted at Sinclair, Sin smirked sitting back down.

Katriane looked at her brother, still not comfortable with the fact that he could so shamelessly compel his father without a second thought.

A few minutes later Régine and Godric walked out of the room, Régine still looking a bit embarrassed, Julien hated the satisfied look on both their faces.

“Bonjour,” Régine smiled.

Isabela giggled.
“Bonjour,” she gave a nod, “ve’re behind on schedule, let’s all go ‘ave breakfast and zhen ve need to go to zhe fittings for tonight.”

“Alright,” Régine nodded, “let me just get ready,” she walked off to take care of herself and came back a few minutes later. “I’m ready.”

Everyone stood, except for Aimé who was too engrossed on his phone, smiling at his screen and typing away.

“Aimé?” Dion raised an eyebrow.

“Oh,” Aimé looked up at him, “oui?”

“We’re going out for breakfast,” Isabela looked at him.

“Ah,” he stood, scratching the back of his head, he chuckled, “pardon.”

“You sure seem ‘appy,” Isabela ruffled his hair, “good for you.”

“Right,” Julien nodded, and looked at Godric, “well, we’ll see you later,” he took Régine’s hand to walk out with her, but Régine pulled away from him.

“Vhat do you mean, Julien? Godrc is coming vith us,” she walked back to Godric and wrapped her arms around him.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Julien looked at Isabela, “correct me if I’m wrong, Isabela, but isn’t this a Belle Morte only breakfast?”

“Oh, non,” Isabela smiled at Godric, “’e can join us.”

Julien bit the inside of his cheek.
“Great,” he walked out angrily to Régine’s car.

Régine kissed Godric’s cheek and smiled.
“Come on, let’s go.”

They all got into their respective cars and drove down to the French Quarter, which was busier than usual due to the music festival, tourists from across the country and around the globe had arrived in New Orleans to watch. And along with tourists were the paparazzi, hoping to get their snap of the events headliners.

Katriane, whom rode in Régine’s car along with Julien, Sébastiene and Aimé, looked nervous.
“I’m not sure if I can do zhis.”

“Of course you can,” Julien took his mind off Régine for a moment, he smiled at Katriane, “we’ve been through this before, you proved yourself with the caterer, you have control you’re just too afraid.”

She took a deep breath and nodded.
“You are right…”

They all parked in front of Café Fleur De Lis and walked out of the cars, the paparazzi went into a frenzy trying to take pictures of them, pushing people out of the way to get their snaps, Godric put on his sunglasses so he could not be recognized in the pictures.

One woman was shoved and had her big floppy hat nearly knocked away from her, during the confusion she dropped her phone, which Godric noticed and grabbed, he tapped the sunglassed woman on the shoulder.
“Excuse me, miss, you dropped this.”

The woman snatched her phone away, her tone was acidic.
“Fuck off, prick, I’m busy,” she lowered her hat and walked away, pushing past the paparazzi.

Godric stared as she walked away, thinking her voice was strangely familiar, but his thoughts were interrupted when Régine took his hand and posed with him for a few pictures, then they all walked into the restaurant, leaving the paparazzi behind snapping pictures of them through the window.

Régine smiled.
“I ‘ad forgotten ‘ow much I missed zhat.”

“Welcome back to the spotlight, my love,” Julien grinned.

The host sat them at a large booth, away from the cameras, and they began to chat excitedly about the preparations for the night, Godric thinking back to the woman’s voice trying to figure out where he’d heard it before…

Walking through the French Quarter, Nikoyalevna felt a tad bit uneasy.
I can’t make a scene with all these people here, can’t afford for people to get hurt… She sighed, but I need to keep trying to find Drauf… She looked at herself through the glass of one of the shops, her long dress and leather jacket, big floppy hat and large sunglasses, her overdrawn lips and fake beauty mark were enough to make herself unrecognizable from her enemies; she had no reason to feel anxious but in the back of her mind she was paranoid, thinking her cover could be blown at any moment.

She took out her phone and dialed her assistant, Alia.

It only took half a ring for Alia to answer.
“Hallo, meine kleiner Fuchs,” her smile was audible, “I’ve missed you.”

Nikki smirked.
“Hey beautiful,” she looked around, feeling like she was being observed, she began to walk, “sorry I haven’t called for a while, I’ve been busy.”

“Have you found Godric yet?”

Nikki’s smile fell.
“Meine Blume, what have I told you about saying his name on the phone? This is a secure line but you never know who might hack in.”

“Es tut mir Leid…” She went quiet for a moment, typing could be heard on her side, “no one overheard.”

“Good,” Nikki smiled once more, “no, I—“

Suddenly a group of paparazzi swarmed around her, pushing her knocking her phone out of her hand, she cussed and looked around, unable to find it. She felt someone tap her shoulder and she turned to see a tall man hiding behind dark shades.

“Excuse me, miss, you dropped this,” he said to her handing her the phone.

Nikki’s anxiety skyrocketed with all that was going around her, her vision blurred slightly from fear, the flashing cameras weren’t helping; she grew angry.
“Fuck off, prick, I’m busy,” her tone was acidic, she snatched the phone from him and lowered her hat, pushing past the paparazzi.

“Meine Fuchs, are you there?” Alia sounded alarmed.

“Ja,” Nikki took a deep breath, “there’s a music festival today and people are going crazy,” she looked behind her, still feeling like she was being watched, “I think someone’s following me, but I can’t see who…”

“Hide,” Alia’s voice was pleading.

“No, I need to stay within the crowds, nobody would dare make a scene today,” Nikki walked over to a bench to sit and observe, “how’s Sweeden?”

“Cold, lonely…” Alia sighed, “wish you were here to keep me warm.”

Nikki grinned at those words.
“If I don’t find Drauf within a week I’ll go visit you, I’ll make sure to keep you warm.”

“And if you do find him?”

Nikki bit the inside of her cheek and thought for a moment.
“I’ll hold up the end of my bargain, turn you, and let you live your life.”

Alia went silent for a moment.
“Suddenly that doesn’t sound as grand as when we first met.”

“Meine Blume, I told you from the start th—“

“I know,” Alia interrupted her, “I was just hoping that after all these years you’d change your mind, that perhaps I could have pushed Dinah from your thoughts.”

Nikki closed her eyes, every memory of Dinah flashed back to her, most prominently when she drained her of blood inside the gas chamber in Auschwitz.
“Nobody could ever make me forget Dinah, not even you.” She hung up and put her phone in her pocket, now deep in thought, remembering her fiancé Dinah, and their daughter Lorelei whom she assumed was dead…

She stood and ran to an empty alley, not wanting to attract attention to herself, and began to hurt herself; scratching her face, punching her stomach, pulling her hair, crying Dinah’s name over and over.

The personal assault continued until she was tackled by someone.
“Hey!” A man said, pinning her to the wall with impressive strength.

“LET ME GO!” She screamed at him.

“Hey, it’s alright, calm down,” the man’s voice was calm.

Nikki looked at him, her eyes widened.

He blinked.

Nikki took off her hat and her sunglasses, her watered eyes inspected his features.
“Oh mein Gott, it is you.”

“Nikki?!” Marcel smiled and hugged her tight, “you’re alive! Well, sort of.”

Nikki hugged him back, giving a relieved chuckle.
“I haven’t seen you since ’41! What are you doing here?!”

Marcel pulled back and smiled at her.
“I live here, I run the city pretty much.”

“Big shot, eh?” Nikki smiled brightly, “how long had you been following me for?”

“A while, ever since I got word that there was a troublemaker in town, had to keep my eye on you to make sure you didn’t destroy anything.”

Nikki chuckled.
“Considering everything that’s happened during the decades, you did good to assume I would.”

“Well,” Marcel smirked, “how about we go have a drink and we can catch up then?”

“You had me at drink,” she grinned, and putting back her sunglasses and hat on, they walked over to Rousseau's.

Classical music filled the air as Morgan wrote in her journal about the previous day, just like she did every morning; everything from the weather, the people, the places, what she ate, what she drank, things she said, things people said, her visions, etc. Everything was written down in journals every day for the past 500 years in perfect detail.

Alessandra kept her company, looking through the 500 volumes of journals, more specifically to the years of her childhood.
July 15th, 1995. Alessandra had said her first word, much to my chagrin her first word was Ric, you take care of her every day of her life and the name she remembers is her baby sitter’s, if I tell Godric he’ll never let me hear the end of it, so I won’t.” Lessy laughed, “did you really never tell him?”

Morgan lifted her gaze from her writing, smirking.
“Of course not, his ego would have exploded, would have rubbed it in my face that he was your favorite.”

Lessy rolled her eyes and giggled.
“You know you’re my favorite, mum.”

“Damn right I am,” Morgan began to write once more, smiling.

Alessandra put the 1995 tome back in the shelf, and picked up the one from 1997.
April 25th, 1997. I gave Alessandra some finger paints and a large easel, as an experiment to see what she would come up with, I was pleasantly surprised to see that her fine motor skills had greatly improved as I saw her paint what strongly resembled my face. Once done she looked up at me and pushed it towards me, I picked her up proudly and asked her who that was, her reply made me feel happy and emotional when in her small voice she said “ma-ma!” in one of celebration, I playfully blew on her cheek and placing her pain stained hands on my face she giggled loudly. I constantly thank God for allowing me to be her mother, moments like these make my eternity worthwhile.” Lessy looked over at the wall where Morgan hung some of her artwork, at the very center was the painting she had written about, she smiled. “It’s a horrible painting, don’t know why you bothered to hang it up.”

Morgan looked at it and smiled.
“I think it’s beautiful, the first gift my baby girl gave to me, I’ll never get rid of it.”

Lessy shook her head, smiling softly, and put the tome back, she looked at one she had ignored her entire life, 1994, slowly she reached out for it.

“Alessandra,” Morgan’s tone was soft.

“I can take it,” Lessy reassured her, “I promise.”

Morgan put her pen down and sat back in her throne, observing Alessandra as she took the journal and flipped through its pages, not wanting her to be overcome with sadness.

June 8th, 1994. Today I met a woman named Irene Vazquez, she was three months pregnant but she didn’t know this yet, she came to me distraught, she had lost her job and home and everything else she had because of her drug addiction, she came to me asking me if I could do a reading for her with the last $35 she had to her name, asking me if the soldier she had fallen in love with three months prior would come back and take care of her as he had promised.

I pitied her, and instead of taking her money I offered she live with me, but only if she’d stop doing drugs for the sake of her unborn child. Upon hearing those words she broke down to cry, afraid of the damage she would have done to her baby with her substance abuse. She accepted my offer, and I gave her a job at the store so she could turn her life around…
” Lessy blinked and looked at Morgan, “so if she was so worried, and you tried getting her life back together, what happened?”

Morgan took a deep breath.
“Turn to September 17.”

Lessy gave a nod and flipped through the pages, and found the journal entry along with a folded piece of paper.
September 17th, 1994. I awoke today to find Irene had left during the early hours, there was a note at the breakfast table written in hurried scribbles…” Alessandra took the paper and unfolded it, her hairs stood on end, for the first time seeing a physical piece of memory from her mother, she read it silently to herself.


Words are not enough to express how thankful I am for all you’ve done for me, but I’ve been feeling trapped these past few months and I can’t take it anymore, I need to leave, I need to free you of my burden, I am not worthy of your kindness. Perhaps some day we’ll meet again, if I’ve turned my life around, and you’ll be able to see little Liliana. I’ll tell her about you, how a kind witch from England tried to save me from a life I clinged to, and hopefully I’ll tell her how you helped me overcome my demons.


Alessandra stared at the note for a moment, silent.
“So…” she slowly began, “if she left, when did you adopt me?”[/i]

Morgan remembered the note vividly, though she had not read it for 21 years, tears pooled in her eyes.
“Skip to your birthday.”

Lessy was nervous, but she flipped the pages to nearly the end of the journal, there was another folded note.
December 14th, 1994. On the late afternoon I heard the doorbell ring, I didn’t need to see who it was to know it was Irene, I had seen this in a vision many weeks ago. I walked to the door and opened it, first thing I saw was a car speed off, and at my feet a bundle of blankets and the cry of a newborn baby. I unwrapped the infant and saw the most delicate and precious thing I’d ever layed eyes on, crying and shaking violently from drug withdrawal, it was Irene’s newborn child. I quickly brought her inside and noticed there was a note folded similar to the one months ago, written in the same hurried scribble.” Lessy took a deep breath and unfolded it, she noticed the ink had run and it was stained with what she figured were tears, she read this one out loud.


I can’t do this, I’m not ready, I thought I was but I’m not. The moment she was born I could see the effects my idiocy had on Liliana, the way she shook, I knew it was because of all the shit I’d done. The hospital was going to call the police but I took her and ran, as I write this note I am on my way to your home to leave her at your doorstep. I don’t deserve her, I don’t deserve anyone nor anything. I am a waste, I am nothing.

In the months I stayed with you I learned about what you were, I knew you could not have children of your own. I could see how your eyes lit up whenever we spoke of Liliana, and I know you would love her more than I ever could. I leave her in your care, and when she’s older, tell her I’m sorry I couldn’t be who I had to be for her.


Lessy sat down, so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realize tears ran down her face.
“Did you—“ she cleared her throat, her voice had broken, “did you try looking for her?”

Morgan nodded.
“I did, tried a locating spell and everything.”


Morgan looked down.
“I couldn’t find her. She killed herself that day, overdosed.”

Lessy looked at her mother in disbelief, and without warning she began to sob. Morgan cradled her and rocked her, kissing her forehead like she did when Alessandra was small after a nightmare. She didn’t say anything, she only let her daughter cry in her arms. Lessy clung to her, sobbing into her chest. A few minutes later she began to calm down, holding her mother tight.

“Mum?” She sniffled.

“Yes, my darling?” Morgan kissed the top of her head.

“I'm glad Irene passed me on to you,” she looked into Morgan’s indigo eyes, “I don't think there's a better mum than you out there."

Morgan hugged her tight and rocked her softly.
“Things always happen for a reason, love. The reason this all happened was because God wanted you to be my daughter, I’m sure of it,” she smiled softly though she cried as well, “you are my life’s biggest blessing, my most valuable treasure, you’re the reason I continue to live, you make me whole.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you,” Lessy sniffled and looked up at Morgan, smiling softly, “I’d be so lost, when I saw Kol nearly rip your heart out I felt like my entire world would crumble. I love you, mum.”

“I love you more, Alessandra,” Morgan kissed the top of her head, “now, how about we leave the past where it belongs, and we go out for some ice cream?”

Lessy chuckled.
“The tear remedy.”

“Worked like a charm when you were little, works like a charm now,” Morgan smiled.

“Alright,” Lessy dried her tears, chuckling, “let’s go.”

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Re: New Girl In town

Post  OriginalHybrid on Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:30 pm

Godric walked into the the Café Fleur De Lis with Genie deep in thought trying to figure out why that women’s voice sounded so familiar. When suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by a hand caressing his cheek “something bothering you mon amour”? Godric looked down at Regine who in turned stared up at him quizzically he smiled at her “no luv everything is perfect” he kisses her forehead causing her to smile and they both continue walking to the booth and sliding inside with the others. A waitress arrived and took their orders once she left they all began talking excitedly about the preparations for tonight. Regine smiled and spoke “it’s been so long since my last fitting I hope all of my old costumes fit”. “Oh sweetheart you won’t have to worry about that I’ve designed all new wardrobes for all of you” Isabella said smiling. Genie beamed at her mother “ooh knowing you mama zhey’re absolutely stunning”. “Oui only zhe best for mon bebe”.

Dion smirked “I’ve also added more security no telling what type of hooligans will show up tonight”. Katriane shook her head smirking “oh papa zhere are no hooligans in the French quarter”. “Of course there are why I saw several news stories and an article about some crazy person spraying graffiti all over the town it must be some sort of gang activity because it’s all the message Drauf”. Isabela nodded in agreement and looked at Regine “sweetheart didn’t you write an article about something similar happening.” Regine nodded “oui Godric and I vere at zhe cinema when a man wrote zhe same message in blood all over zhe wall”. “See that is exactly why we need the extra security such a big event is bound to attract the undesirables”. Regine nodded slowly “I suppose you’re right we don’t want anything to ruin our big comeback I just wish I knew what this Drauf thing was they’re all obsessed with maybe then we’d have a better understanding as to why they’re doing this”. Julien spoke up “perhaps they’re devil worshipers and this Drauf is they’re unholy lord, I mean there are a bunch of so called witches in the quarter perhaps they practice voodoo and make sacrifices to this thing either way it doesn’t seem to have a positive meaning”. Julien looked over at Godric smirking smugly while Godric stared at him unaffected thinking “what a childish bitch ass”.

Godric wrapped his arm around Regine and spoke “the witches that live around here worship nature and strive to practice peaceful and positive magic also Drauf is German for wolf so it has absolutely nothing to do with that also for someone claiming to be so worldly and well versed that’s an novicely ignorant conclusion to draw.” Godric smiled at Julien as he glared hatefully back having been bested again. Dion nodded “ah yes I remember now when I was dealing with some fellow down in Brussels he had a painting of a large black wolf called it a Draufgänger”. “Magnificent beast’s wolves are so noble so wise incredible”. “I couldn’t agree with you more Dion Godric” said his grin widening. Julien had to concentrate immensely so as not to cause a scene in front of Dion and Isabela excuse me I need to use the restroom he slide out of the booth and made his way toward the back of the restaurant. He walked into the bathroom then and splashed water onto his face he looked into the mirror and his eyes had shifted “damn that pompous arrogant bastard it’s taken me years YEARS to get in good with Regine’s parents and this son of a bitch just waltzes in and woos them in an afternoon. AHHH” he punched the mirror shattering it he looks at his hand cut and bleeding and watches as it heals in seconds a man in one of the stalls comes out upon hearing all the commotion “hey buddy are you …” he stops horrified upon seeing Julien’s face Julien sighs shaking his head “my friend you are oh so very unlucky he darts towards the man who attempts to scream for help but is silenced when Julien places his hand across his mouth and begins to drain him of all his blood the blood dripping onto the floor as he feeds savagely.” He pulls away gasping his mouth full of blood and lets go of the man who drops to the ground with a thud hitting his head on the toilet seat “damn didn’t realize how much of a mess I made” he pushes the man further into the stall and uses his coat to wipe up the blood then locks the stall and heads back to the sink to clean himself up.

Back at the table Godric and Dion continued to talk about the various places they had visited Dion warming up to him with their shared interests of liquor, traveling and  expensive cars. “So Godric what kind of cars do you like” Dion asked as he poured himself some juice “well I’ve always been a fan of the classics one of my favorites is the 67 impala”. Dion smiled “ahh a man with impeccable tastes” Godric smirked “of course that’s why I was drawn to your daughter” he said kissing Regine’s hand causing her to blush. “But I won’t shy away from a fast modern day car like the new 2017 Lamborghini Aventador”. “Very good my boy I’ve been thinking about getting that one myself I love the curves on it and…” Godric’s phone rang he thought “crap why now can’t I have one fucking day” he smiled politely taking out his phone “I’m so sorry but I really need to take this” he kissed Regine’s cheek and excused himself from the table he picked up his phone and poke harshly into the receiver “what is it” Klaus’ smirk could be heard through the phone “did I interrupt something important brother” “yes you did” Godric said clearly annoyed “now what do want”? “Well Elijah and Rebekah wanted to know if you’re coming with us to the festival or if you were gonna go with your girlfriend”. Godric shook his head “I’ll meet you lot there I have some business that I need to take care of beforehand I’ll be home in a bit then I’ll be off try not ruin anything like you did last time.”

Klaus smirked even wider “If I’m remembering correctly it was you who attacked me” Godric glared at the phone because you killed my girlfriend’s sister”. Klaus shrugged “details details not like she didn’t have it coming anyway we’ll see you when you get home” he hung up the phone and Godric sighed shaking his head. He called up Stella the phone rang twice before she answered “hello?” Godric smiled “hello my little witch I’m reminding you about the concert tonight” Stella smiled “yeah I remember I also remember you promising me that it’s gonna be amazing” Godric nodded “yes it will be I’ll be at your place in a few hours to pick you up ok” Stella nodded “ok just don’t be late I hate being kept waiting” Godric smirked and hung up the phone.

Suddenly Julien walked out of the bathroom fixing his hair and straightening his shirt Godric could smell the fresh blood causing him to smile “oh my looks like someone had a little accident”. Julien glared “shut up dick” and tried to walk past Godric. “Oh come now Julie don’t be that way not my fault everyone loves me more than you”. Godric enjoying the hate Julien shows him. Julien turns around trying desperately to keep his composure just because you have everyone wrapped around your finger don’t think you’ve won. Godric tilts his head “that’s not what’s making me think I’ve won me beating you at every turn is what’s making me think I’m winning, and from the reaction your giving me you sense it too.” he said mockingly “Genie loves me far more than she’s ever even liked you” Julien could feel himself slipping Godric started walking away back towards the booth “and she shows me just how much she loves me every single chance she gets like this morning for instance when I was the one sleeping naked next to her.” This remark caused Julien to lose it abandoning all restraint he turned around and ran towards Godric attempting to punch him in front of everyone Godric quickly turned around grabbing Julien’s fist smirking ever so slightly he twisted Julien around knocking him to his knees Godric leaned in and whispered in his ear “check” Sin stood up instinctively seeing his sire being attacked by that slimily little toe rag and moved over to defend him.

Regine yelled “Julien what’s gotten into you” Godric let go of Julien causing him to drop to the floor he looked up at the everyone looking down on him  and stood slowly he cleared his throat “I’m…I’m sorry everyone I” he spoke through gritted teeth lost my temper excuse me he left the restaurant. Regine looked at Godric I am so sorry that happened she hugged him tightly Dion shook his head “that boy is always losing his temper he’ll never get ahead in life until he learns how to control it better he turned to look at Godric well but you my boy handled it brilliantly fast reflexes and complete control, where did you learn to do that?” “Oh um I took a couple of self-defense classes Godric smirked”. “Well it seems you got your money’s worth” Dion said smiling clapping him on the back “now let’s get back to our earlier conversation” Godric looked over at Regine and smiled  he took her hand and pulled her in closely to him as they walked back over to the booth.

About an hour later everybody was getting ready to leave. Godric checked his phone there was still a few hours before the concert and he has some other things to do. He turned to Regine and smiled “listen luv I’ve got to take care of some business but I’ll see you at the concert in a few hours.” Regine nodded “ok I’ll miss see you tonight don’t be late” you they both kissed and Godric got into his car and drove back to the compound. “Well that went far better than I had expected” he said getting out of the car he walked inside the house to his siblings getting ready “OI I’m” home they kept doing what they were doing and he grinned to himself Rebekah noticed him and ran over. “Ric good you’re here what the bloody hell is the dress code for this thing?” Godric laughed as if a dress code has ever stopped you from outshining every poor girl who shows up anywhere”. Rebekah smirked you’re right I’ll just do what I normally do and slay. Godric nodded “and if you could keep the slaying to the outfits I would greatly appreciate that” he yelled out “THAT GOES FOR ALL OF YOU NO KILLING TOINIGHT I don’t need to embarrassing me in front of Genie” Kol smirked looking down on his brother from the stairs “oh Ric you don’t need us you do a fine job of embarrassing yourself already.” Godric rolled his eyes “you know what I’m in such a good mood little brother I’m gonna let you have that” he said walking upstairs to his room “but keep in mind that is your one for today.” Godric went into his closet and picked out an immaculate suit he showered and got dressed. He walked out his room looking amazing Klaus saw him and stopped “whoa you’re dressed early what’s with the get up gonna get a little bit of action on the side before we get there.” Godric shook his head no I have a few things I need to do and I don’t feel like coming back here later.” Elijah walked out of his room buttoning his sleeve “I assume your errand is of the legal kind”. Yes Elijah as always Godric said with a smirk now if you’ll all excuse me I have to go and pick someone up.

Godric got into his car and drove to a little store down in the French quarter he paid for something in a fancy box and drove to Stella’s apartment he knocked on the door Stella it’s me open up. Stella answered dressed in a beautiful floral dress. She saw Godric’s outfit and her eyes widened “whoa I thought you said we were just going to a concert, why do you look like you’re getting married”. Godric smirked “this is how one dresses when they want to make a good first impression”. Stella looked down at her dress well then I need an upgrade she runs to her room and comes back dresses in a dark blue dress. Godric nodded “now that’s much better he extended his arm shall we” Stella nodded smiling happily “we shall” she took Godric’s hand and followed him outside to his car  as they drove to the concert…
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Re: New Girl In town

Post  Kaez Alexandrov on Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:28 pm

Régine looked at herself in the mirror as her mother zipped up the back of her dress, she sighed and looked at the phone, Julien hadn’t read a single one of her messages.

She worried about him, after his stunt at the café she knew he was bound to get into trouble, specially with all the suspicious activity that was happening around town. The image of the man bleeding on the cinema entrance remained engraved in her memory.

-Julien, I’m getting very concerned. Where are you?

“I’m right here,” Julien walked through the door and held up a paper bag smiling, “and I brought beignets.”

“If you zhink you can bribe me vith beignets you are absolutely right,” she chuckled and took one, biting into it and giving a satisfied sigh, “where were you?”

“I had to clear my head,” Julien put the bag on the table, “I didn’t want to come here angry,” he looked around, “where’s Godric?”

“’E said ‘e ‘ad to take care of something,” Régine shrugged, “probably getting ‘is family.”

Julien’s jaw clenched.
“And Sinclair?”

“’E left to Morgan’s house,” Régine picked up another beignet.

“Come on,” Isabella looked at Julien, “ve are running late because of you, and none of you better get sucre on zhe costumes!”

Katriane looked down at her dress and looked at her mother wide eyed before running to the bathroom to clean up.

“Julien?” Isabella said trying to fit his pants waist, “’ave you gained weight?”

Julien looked incredibly offended.
“Of course not!” He looked down, “it’s muscle.”

“I don’t know,” Régine smirked, “you did seem a lot softer when you cuddled me.”

He squint at her.
“Hush you.”

She giggled and took another beignet.

“Non!” Isabella took it from her, “keep eating zhose and you’ll get pudgy like Julien.”

Sébastiene and Aimé tried their best not to laugh.

“Same goes to zhe two of you!” She bit into Régine’s beignet.

Sébastiene scratched the back of his head and chuckled.

“I wonder what Lucienne would have thought about us performing here,” Aimé looked out the window.

“I’m sure she vould ‘ave been more excited than all of us combined,” Régine smiled thinking back fondly on her friend, “we need to do ‘er proud, it’s our first show after ‘er passing.”

There was an awkward silence in the room.

“Vhat?” She looked at everyone.

“Nothing,” Julien smiled sucking in his stomach, “I’m sure it’ll be our best show yet.”
“I sure ‘ope so…”


“Hey, I’ve got some things to take care of,” Marcel observed Nikki as she lay nude on his bed while zipping up his pants, he smirked, “try not to cause too much trouble while I’m gone.”

Nikki looked at him and stood, smirking back.
“You know I couldn’t promise you that even if I tried.”

He chuckled.
“Right, I’ll be back after the concert.”

She nodded.
“Have fun,” and she waved him off as he left. She looked out the window at all the lights, Louisiana didn’t look much different than how Drauf had described it, it was as if it was lost in time, only the locals and tourists reflected the true change of the ages. Nikolayevna stretched, every bone in her body cracking as she twisted. She looked at her watch, it was nearly time to head out.

Nikki walked out of the room, fancying one last drink before she had to get ready, she walked down the stairs and saw a young man sitting on the couch, he looked at her and raised his eyebrows.
“So you’re the source of all the moaning, was starting to believe the place was haunted.”

She smirked.
“Funny, you must be Josh.”

Josh nodded.
“I see Marcel has mentioned me, unfortunately I can’t say the same for you.”

“Name’s Nikki,” she walked over to him and shook his hand.

Josh extended his own and noticed faded numbers on Nikki’s arm, he raised an eyebrow.

She nodded.
“Sieg Heil,” Nikki rolled her eyes and reached into her bag, pulling out her sniper rifle.

“Hey,”Josh raised his hands, his tone full of sarcasm, “don’t shoot!”

Nikki chuckled.
“Don’t worry, I’ve got bigger fish to fry,” she blinked, hearing footsteps, and set down her riffle pointing at the entrance.

“Josh, are yo—“ the girl stopped short, “uhm, who are you and why are you naked?”

“The better question is who are you and why aren’t you naked?” Nikki looked up at her.

“I’m Davina,” she crossed her arms, giving Nikki a judging gaze.

“Ah,” Nikki stood straight, “Marcel’s little witch.”

“You still haven’t answered my question,” she walked closer, “pretty sure Josh isn’t interested in you, so I know you’re not here because of him.”

Nikki shrugged.
“You never know, I’ve been known to be persuasive,” she winked at Josh.

“Uh, no,” Josh shook his head, “100% not interested.”

She smirked.
“I am a friend of Marcel’s, we’ve known each other for quite a few decades.”

“That’s funny,” Davina eyed Nikki, “never knew Marcel to associate himself with sluts.”

Nikki chuckled.
“You’re cute,” she picked up her rifle, “now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a 2 million business deal to tend  to,” she looked at Josh, “it was nice meeting you.”

Josh nodded.
“Right,” he stood up and looked at Davina, “let’s go.”

Davina shot Nikki one last look before walking out with Josh.

Nikolayevna rolled her eyes and picked up her bag, she walked up to the room and proceeded to get dressed. She ripped open a blood bag and gulped it down, made sure her rifle was properly loaded and strapped it to her back before putting on her coat, she masked her features with makeup and headed out to Kenner in search of Lucienne Loyer.

“The way I see it,” Morgan said as she put a short brunette wig on Lucienne, “we can do this three ways: you can be sure that you won’t attempt to kill anyone, and we can enjoy the concert, you can be all nostalgic like.” She handed Lucienne some brown contact lenses, “you can try to kill someone, and I’ll snap your neck and drag you out before you can even speed one foot away from me. Or if you know you won’t be able to control yourself, you can stay here placed under a barrier spell.”

“You know,” Lucienne put in the second contact lens, “I’m getting very tired of your zhreats.”

“Trust me, luv, they’ll all stop after tonight,” Morgan patted her shoulder.

“And you promise me you vill let me go?” She looked back into Morgan’s indigo eyes.

“You have my word that after Julien is dead, and you get your revenge on Régine, you will be free,” Morgan nodded, “now, get dressed, we have to go,” she walked out closing the door behind her.

Lucienne looked at the door and scowled.
“Zhat only leaves getting Cressida out of the vay…” She looked at herself in the mirror, looking almost unrecognizable, and continued to do her makeup.

Morgan walked down the stairs to the living room, she smiled seeing Lessy’s best friend Kiana chatting with Cressida as Lessy got ready.
“Kiana, darling,” she walked towards her and kissed both of her cheeks, “it’s been a while, how are you?”

“I’ve been good, Ms. Alexandrov,” Kiana smiled, “Lessy told me things have been kinda hectic around here as of late, Godric’s new woman disturbing the peace; that’s why I decided it was probably best to stay away.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me,” Morgan rolled her eyes, “ever since she got into the picture a massive shit storm’s been rolling through.”

Kiana shrugged.
“I wouldn’t worry too much about her, we all know Godric isn’t the monogamous type.”

Morgan smiled.
“I’m not worried in the slightest.”

“Alright,” Lessy said walking down the stairs, “I’m ready.”

Sin looked at Lessy and stood up.
“Wow, you look beautiful.”

Lessy smirked at him.
“You say it as if I don’t always look beautiful.”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that, I—“

Lessy laughed.
“Relax, I know.”

“Lucienne, are you ready?” Morgan called out.

“Oui,” she said walking to the living room. “’ow do I look?”

“Unrecognizable,” Cressida nodded smiling.

“Tres bien,” Lucie nodded to Morgan.

“Let’s get going then,” Morgan picked up her bag, “don’t want to be late.”


Nikki looked around, reaching the edge of the town of Kenner, and there by the lake she spotted it, the ornate purple house Julien had mentioned. She looked around for a spot to hide and found a tree located by some of the bigger windows. She speeded to it and climbed up, through the window she could see a group of women and a man in the living room.

“Is that…” Nikki squinted trying to see the red head better, “holy shit, that’s Morgan!”

Quickly she took her phone out and dialed Alia, eager to tell her she just spotted the bitch who broke Drauf’s heart. But the phone kept ringing, it was uncharacteristic of Alia to not pick up after the first couple of rings.

Nikki saw movement from inside towards the door and hung up the phone, not wanting the ringing to give her away to those with vampire hearing. She looked up a picture of Lucienne and her brow furrowed, none of these women looked like her.

“We’ll all go in my car,” Morgan said unlocking it, “with how many people are going to be there it’ll be hard to find a spot for both.”

“Yeah, I figured” Lessy said getting in the backseat.

Morgan blinked and looked around, feeling watched.

“Something wrong, m’lady?” Cressida asked opening the passenger door.

Nikki held her breath, not wanting to make a single sound.

“No…” Morgan shook her head, “just had a weird feeling is all,” she got in.

“I don’t zhink ve’re all going to fit,” Lucienne looked inside the car.

“It’s fine,” Lessy said getting out, “I’ll sit on Sin’s lap.”

Sin smirked.
“Should at least buy me dinner first.”

Lessy chuckled.
“Get in, dork.”

“As you wish,” Sin winked at her before getting inside, Lessy followed.

Nikki looked at the last woman, she looked a lot like Lucienne but something was off, and she didn’t want to murder someone on accident.
If it is her, she thought, I’ll just get her when she comes back.

Lucienne got into the car and they were off to the concert.

Nikki watched as the car got smaller in the horizon and dialed Alia again, this time it was answered immediately, but it wasn’t Alia.

“Guten Abend Nikolajewna, es ist schon eine Weile her,” a grin could be heard in their tone.

She quickly hung up, her heart racing, the voice sounding horrifyingly familiar taking her back 72 years to Auschwitz.

“Breathe,” she told herself, “breathe, it’s not him, he’s dead,” she gulped, “the Soviets killed all the officers, it’s not him…”

Her phone buzzed, it was a text message.

-Switch to other card.

Quickly Nikki took the sim card out and snapped it in half, she reached into her pocket and pulled out the spare with a different connection and put it in. She got a new message with a number to dial, a bit shaky she tapped it and the phone began to ring.

“Meine  kleiner Fuchs,” Alia’s tone was calm, “someone somehow managed to breach into the system, I’ve erased that one.”

“Good,” Nikki took a deep breath, “did you trace the breach?”

“Sunny Beach Isles, Florida, USA,” Alia recited from a paper she had written on, “I could get the location but not the number…”

Nikki closed her eyes.
“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the call came from the precise location I was in before coming to New Orleans…” she sighed, “meine Blume, I want you to stay in your house, okay? Do not leave under any circumstance, do not invite people in regardless if you know them or not.”

“I wont,” there was a pause, “what did the person say?

“Good evening,” Nikki tried to not freak out remembering the voice, “it’s been a while… then I hung up.”

“Did they sound familiar?”

“It sounded like Kaiser…”

“That Nazi guy you had a kid with?”


“But you’re sure he’s dead, right?” Alia sounded concerned.

“I’m almost positive he is…”Nikki peeked at the window, but no one was there, “from now on you take my customer’s numbers and trace them, then send me their number with their info so I can call them.”

“Alright, will do.”

“I’ll talk to you later.”

“Be safe.”

Nikki hung up and put her phone in her pocket, out of another she pulled out a blunt and a lighter. She lit it up and inhaled deep trying to control her anxiety from the phone call.

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Re: New Girl In town

Post  OriginalHybrid on Tue Jul 11, 2017 10:34 pm

Godric and Stella walked down the street to Godric’s car, as Stella attempted to get in she saw the little black box that he had bought from the store sitting on the passenger’s seat. Stella smirked “ooh did you get me something?” Godric looked at the seat and smiled “no my dear that isn’t for you that ids a gift for my lady friend” Stella nodded getting into the car “ahh your mysterious girlfriend is she meeting us at the concert.” Godric nodded “in manner of speaking yes actually she’s in the concert she’s the lead singer in the band that I told you about”. Stella nodded so you’ve got the hot’s for a singer neat I take it she doesn’t know what you are. Godric started the car and began to drive off down the road “no she doesn’t know I’m a hybrid in fact she doesn’t believe in the supernatural at all despite being in constant contact with one for near a decade” Godric said slightly annoyed. Stella tilted her head “kinda ironic girl who doesn’t believe in the things that go bump in the night suddenly surrounded by them.” Godric shook his head “I’m sure she believed in them at one point in her life but this douchebag asshat compelled her to find the very notion of supernatural creatures farfetched.” Stella squints “why the hell would he do that,” “Godric shrugged like I said he’s a douchebag asshat and I’ve already had the misfortune of dealing with him several times.”

“Well if you hate him so much and he annoys you the way he does why don’t you just kill him that’ll free your lady friend from his scuminess.” Believe me I’d love nothing more than to rip his fucking head of but Morgie said I’m not allowed to said she had a stupid vision. Stella looks at Godric at the mention of Morgie “well if Miss Alexandrov said you can’t kill him she must have a pretty damn good reason.” Godric rolled his eyes “she’d fucking better this bastard has caused me far too much trouble and I don’t like being told I can’t kill who I’d like especially without a good reason”. Stella shrugged “maybe he’ll die of another cause and that’s why Miss Alexandrov doesn’t want you to kill him you might mess something up or make it worse best to let things play out”. “Or she just wants to annoy me either way as of recently he hasn’t been much of a threat in fact his very presence makes me look good by comparison so I’ll let him live for a little while longer.” Stella looks at the black box on her lap sooo what did you get your lady friend Stella asks as she attempts to take a peek. Godric smacks her hands lightly smirking “her name is Regine and what I got her is a surprise so no peeking” Stella rubs her hand pouting fine spoil sport then I have another request that you have to honor”. Godric looked over at Stella eyebrow raised. Oh and what might that be? Stella closed her eyes and took a deep breath “I… I wanna know why you killed my mom you promised to tell me so start talking”. Godric continued driving and sighed “do you really wanna do this now?”

Stella nodded getting teary eyed “you’ve been so sharey lately with your life I figured now is as good a time as any and besides before I do anything else with you I need to know why you took my mama away from me” Godric nodded alright “I promised I’d tell you and I will Godric pulled over to the side of the road But I also promise you won’t like my reason”. Stella breathed deeply and nodded alright go Godric closed his eyes and spoke I was tracking a recent strain of vervain the city had been rid of it for years my siblings and I made sure of it we burned every last plant and then all of a sudden it started popping up again so I went searching for anyone who might know why. I paid a visit to your mother in her shop I just wanted to ask her some questions I had no intentions of harming her let alone killing her but I was in a foul mood and then she started insulting me so I threatened her it was a halfhearted threat but it proved to piss her off so she attacked me threw me across the store and summoned a ring of fire so I had no choice but to knock her out.” Now I was pissed so I took her to my house and interrogated her. Stella nodded tears streaming slowly down her face I tortured her but, she held strong in one last ditch effort she stabbed me with a hair pin and I…I ripped her heart out, Godric reached into his pocket and took out the hairpin he placed it on Stella’s lap you see it was all a series of unfortunate events. I am sorry Stella I truly am Stella sat there in silence crying clutching the hairpin to her chest after a few moments she wiped her tears and turned towards Godric I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forgive you but maybe this can be a start she twists her arm and Godric’s neck breaks he slumps back in his chair and Stella fixes her make up waiting for him to wake up.

Godric jerks awake eyes glowing FUCKING SHIT he looks around sees Stella calmly waiting “took you long enough” Godric squinted at her incredibly pissed off but decided with everything going on to let it slide. He started the car again and continued to drive after a few more minutes he looked over “so you feel better?” Stella shook her head “no not really but at least I got closure.” Godric nodded “and I see Davina taught you how to break necks that was nice of her” Stella smiled wide “I thought so yeah: she looked over innocently “that a problem?” Godric put on a fake smile “no of course not always good to be well prepared when dealing with the unexpected.” Stella smiled and nodded I completely agree which is why she taught me some other handy spells. Godric rolled his eyes yes I’m sure she did. They arrived at the concert at 7:45 Godric parked a couple blocks away and they walked towards the center of the quarter.

After some walking a group of people appeared around them Godric looked around and smirked Stella looked at them nervously and stopped next to Godric. Kol spoke “goodness brother I knew you liked them young but I think this could be considered cradle robbing”. “Kol I know you’re not talking given the company you keep.” Stella blinked “Kol…as in Kol Mikaelson” Kol smirked it seems my reputation precedes me. Klaus smirks yes your reputation as homicidal maniac. Kol laughed details details. Stella tilted her head “you’re not what I pictured when Davina described you” Kol tilts his head so you’re the witch my Davina has been teaching he looks her up and down nice to meet you. Godric raises his eyebrows in surprise “oh no someone with manners has possessed Kol quick how do we make this permanent?” Kol gives a dry laugh “my brother always the comedian it just so happens I can be nice when I want to be.” Klaus claps his brother on the shoulder “yes we all know you need to be on your best behavior with your little witch around wouldn’t want her to see the real you and head for the hills.” Kol closes his eyes slightly annoyed “for your information Nik I’m naturally nicer to witches and Davina has already seen the real me to which she can’t keep her hands off of.” Elijah walks over and introduces himself good evening I’m Elijah Mikaelson please excuse my siblings for any unpleasantness that might occur because of them.” Stella shakes Elijah’s hand “well I’m sure nothing they do can top what Godric’s done.” Rebekah smiles “yes well Ric always did have a special talent for unpleasantness”. “And this is my darling sister Rebekah don’t mind her that’s just her personality”. Stella smiles and shakes Rebekah’s hand “nice to meet you all I’m sure we’ll all have an…interesting night together.”

Godric shakes his head and smirks “Elijah would you mind looking after Stella for a moment I have some business to take care of.” Elijah nods “of course I’ll make sure nothing happens to her”. Stella scoffs excuse me but I’m more than capable of taking care of myself. Godric smirks yes luv I’m sure you are but it never hurts to have a little back up especially from an original. Stella nods I guess not just hurry back. Godric nods and walks off towards backstage to find Regine. He looks around at the various bands performing that night and spots Regine dressed in her outfit looking as gorgeous as ever he walks up from behind and hugs her “hello luv you look amazing as usual”. Regine turned around smiling and kisses Godric “I vas vondering veh you vould get here.” Godric smiled upon seeing her so happy “Sorry if I’m a bit late I was busy getting your present” he held out the black box and Regine grinned. “You’re always buying me something and knowing you its extravagant careful or you’ll spoil me”. Godric nodded “yes well only the best for my Genie”. Regine took the box from Godric and carefully unwrapped it she slowly opened it and what was inside shocked her. It was a little black wolf plushy with golden eyes it had a collar on it that read my Genie there was a card that read “This wolf like me will love and protect you always and forever”. Régine looked at Godric wide eyed, speechless to what she now held in her hands. "You... you got zhis for me?" She looked into his eyes and a big smile spread across her face, she jumped and hugged him tightly. "Zhis is amazing, zhank you so much!" She kissed him deeply holding him close.

Godric hugged Regine tightly smiling “anything for you luv” Regine looked at the little wolf and squeezed it causing it to howl which brought tears to her eyes. Zhat is sooooo cute she kisses Godric again holding him tightly while everyone watched. Godric stroked Régine’s hair feeling happier than he had in centuries. A loud voice could be heard coming from the speakers coming up next a euro band straight from France the one and only Belle Morte!!! Regine smiled wide I guess I should finish getting ready we’re almost on, Godric nodded and kissed her one last time I’ll be front and center waiting for you Regine kissed him back and watched smiling as he walked out the door to join the hundreds of others waiting to watch them perform.
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Re: New Girl In town

Post  Kaez Alexandrov on Sat Jul 22, 2017 5:31 pm

Morgan parked a few blocks away from the concert, all the available parking already had been taken.
“Must be quite the lineup,” Morgan mused looking at how packed everything was, traffic reaching several blocks.

“Of course,” Lucienne got out of the car, “zhis is Belle Morte ve’re talking about ‘ere, only zhe best group in all Europe.”

“Hope you feel the same way without you in it anymore,” Sin said helping Lessy out, though of course he knew she didn’t need any help.

Lucienne rolled her eyes at Sinclair.
“You know, I never quite liked you much.”

“Well the feeling is mutual,” he smiled at her.

She shook her head putting on her glasses to help further with the disguise.
“Let’s go, ve don’t vant to be late.”

Julien looked at Régine and Godric, unamused.
A plushy? he thought, Régine Isabelle Zaeri, tearing up over a bloody plushy? Pretty sure this asshole compelled her somehow…

He eyed Godric, arms crossed, not trying to hide his judging gaze.

Katriane nudged Julien and gave him a stern look, she whispered to him in French.
”Behave, you won’t get Régine with that sour look you carry all the time.” She then walked over to her sister and smiled. “Zhat is adorable! I don’t zhink I’ve ever seen one of zhose before.”

Godric smiled proudly.
“Well I like my gifts to have meaning,” he explained, “so I have everything custom made.”

Régine kissed his lips firmly, this caused Julien’s anger to flare, his eyes turning black as he stared.
“It is perfect, mon amour, I vill treasure it forever.”

Sébastiene looked at Julien and his eyes widened, he pointed to his own eyes as a signal to him. Julien took a deep breath and his eyes went back to normal.

He walked over to the rest of them.
“Come on, the current band are finishing with their set and we’re next,” he glared at Godric before taking Régine’s hand and taking her to the stage entrance.

“Ignore im,” Katriane said to Godric, “’e’ll get over it,” she looked at Séb and Aimé, “come on, ve must pray.”

Aimé nodded and walked over to Godric.
“Hey, erm… you didn’t say anything to Cressida about me taking her up stage, did you?”

Shit, Godric thought, I completely forgot to warn Cree…
“No,” Godric patted his arm, “it’s a complete surprise.”

Aimé smiled.
“Zhank you, monsieur Godric.” Godric nodded, and Aimé went to join the rest of the group in prayer.

Godric walked out as casually as he could and went off to the crowd to try to find Cressida.

“Dear Lord,” Julien lead the prayer, “we ask that we have a smooth performance, that everything we do we do it as it was rehearsed, we ask that you keep out voices clean, and that everything is to the satisfaction of our fans. We thank you for giving us another opportunity despite Lucienne’s passing,” Katriane opened one eye to look at Julien disapprovingly, “we thank you because without you we would not be here tonight. In the name of the Lord, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, amen.”

“Amen,” they said in unison.

Julien took a deep breath and looked at Régine, trying his best smile.
“Are you ready?”

Régine nodded.
“Oui, though I am nervous.”

Julien kissed her cheek.
“You have nothing to be nervous about, you’re the star.”

She smiled at him.

“Give it up for ABIA!” The announcer said as the last band walked off stage, “and now for the moment most of you have been waiting for, lemme hear you scream for Belle Morte!”

The screams from the crowd were almost deafening, they chanted Belle Morte over and over again. Régine smiled getting a surge of confidence, she looked at the rest of the group and nodded.

The five of them ran onto the stage and the screams of adoring fans rang in their ears. They took their places on stage as they observed the crowd going crazy: Régine and Julien to the center, Katriane and Sébastiene to their right, and Aimé to their left. Régine raised the microphone and the crowd slowly began to quiet down.

She looked at them all with a bright smile on her face.
“Bonjour, New Orleans!” Once more the crowd screamed, audience members nearest to the stage reached out for them. Régine put her finger to her lips and the audience once more quieted down, she looked at the musicians, “hit it!”

Right then they began to play an upbeat melody, Régine and Julien leading with the lyrics.

The crowd screamed and danced, Lucienne looked up at them from the VIP area. At first she felt consumed by rage, her fists trembling as she tried to control herself, watching Régine take her place as the star of the group, but once she heard Aimé’s melodious voice all of that melted away. All she could see right now was the spotlight on her knight in shining armor. She wanted to get up on stage, she wanted to dance with him, tangle her voice with his in a passionate chorus. She almost took a step forward but Morgan put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a stern look. Lucienne took a step back and bit her lip, her eyes watering. She looked over at Cressida and a look of hurt washed over her, there Cressida was giving Aimé the same look she gave him when they first started dating. She trembled with rage but remained still, knowing very well she couldn’t attack with both Morgan and Godric here.

Godric walked over to them and tapped Cressida on the shoulder.
“Cree,” he said to her ear, “I thought you should know, Aimé is going to call you onto the stage.”

Cressida looked at him wide eyed, and as if on cue Aimé walked to the center of the stage and extended his hand to Cressida as he sang. She looked at him shocked and he smiled warmly at her, she smiled back and took his hand, he lifted her onto the stage and the crowd went crazy as he danced with her, singing his provocative love song to her.

Lucienne growled and was about to bolt to Cressida but Morgan snapped her fingers and Lucie was unable to move, Morgan inched closer to Lucienne and whispered in her ear.
“We had a deal, if you want to live to have your revenge you will not harm Cressida, if you can’t control yourself then you’ll be frozen to this entire spot for the rest of the show.”

Then Régine and Julien once more took over the stage, dancing provocatively as well. Morgan looked over at Godric wondering how he was taking it, he seemed stoic but she could feel he was growing annoyed.

It wasn’t until the end of the song that Julien dipped Régine and kissed her forcefully, the crowd cheered them on as Régine attempted to casually push him off her but Julien wouldn’t let go. She pulled away from the kiss and said something away from the mic, Julien looking slightly annoyed let go of her.

Régine took a deep breath and composed herself, she turned to the crowd giving them an energetic smile.
“It’s no doubt you ‘ave all seen the tabloids, so I am sure you know zhere is a new mystery man in my life,” she looked at Godric and extended her hand to him, “I vant all of you to formally meet mon amour, Godric Mikaelson!”

The cheers were deafening to Morgan’s ears as she stared in disbelief, this broad really just announced Godric to the world as her lover. She locked eyes with Julien who clearly was over the edge with anger.
“Relax,” she mouthed to him, “don’t look suspicious.”

Julien took a deep breath and nodded, fading to the back of the stage letting Régine and Godric have their moment.

And then the last song began to play, it was an upbeat romantic song that Régine was meant to sing with Julien but she sang it to Godric instead.

Alessandra and Sinclair had been stuck in their own little bubble the entire concert, buying alcohol from the vendors and dancing to Belle Morte. Lessy was feeling tipsy already from the amount of beers she had, a fact Sin envied slightly. They danced, they drank, and for a moment they locked eyes.

Lessy blushed slightly and smiled at him, their steps slowing until they stood still. Lessy didn’t know if it was her or the beer clouding her judgement, but she suddenly felt the urge to kiss him, and so she did. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him her first kiss. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back, feeling over the moon.

There were so many things going on that Morgan found difficult to process everything, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath hoping everything come to a close the way she wanted it to.

Belle Morte finished their last song and they all bowed, the flash of cameras and the applause filling their senses.
“Bonne nuit, New Orleans!” Régine waved them off before the band went backstage for the press and after party.

Morgan unfroze Lucienne and looked at her.
“We’ll go backstage, please try to control yourself and don’t let them know who you are.”

Lucienne nodded, feeling resentful towards Morgan for the spell, but she followed her anyway.

“Oh zhat vas amazing!” Katriane smiled brightly, “I vasn’t sure I could do it, but I did!”

Régine clung to Godric, still euphoric from the show.
“Vell of course,” she smiled at her sister, “you are a natural, vhy vouldn’t you be able to do it.”

There was slow clapping from behind them, they all turned around to see a very familiar face.
“You were a natural too, mon amour,” Jon Luc walked over to Régine and kissed her hand, “being the leader suits you.”

Régine’s heart raced as she looked at him, she took her hand back and took a step back.

“What the fuck are you doing here?!” Julien stood in front of Régine protectively.

Jon smirked.
“Seeing as you’re no longer dear to my Régine I’d say it’s none of your business.”

“What did you say?” Julien shoved him.

“Julien, non!” Régine took his arm and pulled him back.

Jon chuckled.
“I see tensions still run high between us,” he looked at Godric and sized him up, “shame to know you can be so easily replaced, huh Julien?”

“You have 5 seconds to get out of my face before I lose my shit,” Julien growled.

“Well Régine hasn’t expressed her wish for me to leave so…” Jon took a step forward, “I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere until she says so.

“Leave,” Régine took another step back, “I don’t wish to see you.”

He nodded.
“I shall, then… But I do hope you change your mind, I’ll be in town for a few more days and I’d love to catch up.” He winked at her before walking off.

“Who was that?” Godric raised an eyebrow keeping his composure.

“The biggest scum of the earth, that’s who,” Julien rolled his eyes, “well… second biggest.”

Godric smirked.
“I’m guessing you’re the first.”

“Alright, enough,” Régine shook her head, “we’ve got press to greet, let’s go…”

Julien glared at Godric before following Régine.

Lucienne looked around the backstage area, the setting seeming so familiar. It was only a little over two months ago that she was murdered and turned into what she was today. Her eyes landed upon Aimé, and without thinking she began walking towards him.
“Aimé?” she said softly.

He turned around and smiled at her.
“Bonsoir, madame, did you come for the autograph session?”

She looked at him, tears pooling in her eyes.
“Do you not recognize me?”

Aimé tilted his head.
“Have you been to previous sessions in Europe?”

She took a deep breath.
“In a manner of speaking, yes.”

“Are you alright?” He asked concerned noticing this woman was getting very emotional.

“Oui, I just…” she cleared her throat, “I vas just vondering if… if…”

“If what?” He put a hand to her shoulder.

Lucienne hugged him tight and began to cry.

Aimé patted her back and looked around, wondering if this woman was here alone.
“Listen, erm, if you want you can help yourself to some of zhe merch, I have to go do interviews, you can stay for the autographs if you’d like.”

“Do you really not remember me?” She looked up at him sobbing.

“Sorry, I…” he spotted a security guard and motioned for him to take her away.

Morgan noticed and quickly intervened.
“I’m so sorry, Aimé, she’s with me,” she grabbed Lucienne by the shoulders and pulled her away, “she’s a big fan, been to every one of your concerts.”

Aimé looked at her and thought the woman looked kind of familiar he smiled at her.
“You know, now that I get a better look at you I think I have seen you before,” he went and kissed her cheek, “always nice to meet a loyal fan, I’ll see you two later.” And off he went walking into a separate room for the press conference.

Nikki rested on the tree branch, still deep in thought about the phone call.
“It can’t have possibly been him…” She looked at her phone and saw she had a message from Alia, she opened it and saw it was a link to a news article. “Régine Zaeri Reveals Her Mystery Man,” Nikki rolled her eyes, “you know I’m not into Hollywood gossip, Alia…” But she opened it anyway to see why Alia sent it to her, and the first thing she saw made her jaw drop, there on the first picture was none other than her Drauf standing on a stage with a band. Her heart raced as she sat up to read the article.

The wait is over! Tonight on Belle Morte’s come-back performance, now front woman Régine Zaeri revealed her lover to be Godric Mikaelson, watch the video below!

Quickly Nikki tapped on it and the moment replayed before her eyes.
“Holy shit, Alia found Drauf…” She looked around, “okay, Drauf is in New Orleans, certainly he won’t go anywhere soon, specially with this bitch living here… So I’ll go find him after I’ve done my kill…”

She took her riffle and pointed it towards the window waiting for her target.

Autographs were signed, and the press was nearly done, Isabela walked out and smiled at everyone.
“Vell, Régine and Julien still ‘ave more press to do about their ‘dissolved’ partnership so zhey’ll be zhere a couple more hours, but zhey insisted ve don’t vait for zhem. You are all invited to our after-party back at zhe ‘ouse!”

Morgan walked over to Godric.
“Alessandra and Sinclair want to go, they’re a bit out of it with the alcohol though, and I’ve got to take Lucienne home. Think you could take them with you?”

Godric thought for a moment, not liking the idea of leaving Régine alone with Julien.
“Are they that out of it that they can’t drive?”

“We all came in my car,” Morgan sighed, “yours is the only available car they can go in.”

He rolled his eyes.
“Fine,” he set off to find Lessy and Sin.

Morgan went to Lucienne.
“Come on, we have to take you home.”

“But vhat about—“

“Trust me, you’ll have her,” Morgan nodded, “just follow my lead okay? We need to head home, I saw you in my vision attacking her in my living room, so there is where you must be.”

Lucienne nodded.

They walked to the car without saying a word, and drove home.

“’E didn’t recognize me…” Lucienne said after being quiet for half the drive.

“Well…” Morgan took a deep breath, not sure how to console her, “you must remember that Julien compelled him to accept your death and get over it, of course he wouldn’t recognize you as yourself…”

“Yeah…” she sniffled, “I suppose I just ‘oped…”

“I’ll find a way to undo the compulsion,” Morgan lied, “and… I’ll deal with Cressida, if he means so much to you,” she lied again.

Lucienne looked at her and gave a small smile.
“You are not as ‘orrible as you let people zhink.”

“Yeah, well, I try…” Morgan pulled up to the driveway, and sensing something was wrong she decide to park inside the garage. “Something’s up but I don’t quite know what, stay away from the windows…”

Lucienne looked around, concerned, she did as told and walked inside the house. Morgan closed her eyes trying to get a sense of what was going on, but what she saw made her gasp. Her eyes widened and quickly she pulled out her phone, she dialed and it rang a few times before Godric picked up.

“What is it now, Morgan?”

“Julien is going to kill Régine,” she bolted out the door and gave him the street where it would happen.

“I don’t think you have any idea how humiliating that was for me,” Julien said through clenched teeth.

“Oh Julien you’re being dramatic,” Régine rolled her eyes as she drove.

“Dramatic?!” He looked at her in disbelief, “I’m being dramatic?! You went against everything the fans wanted, you went against everything we rehearsed, you invited that scum onto our stage and—“

“Godric is not scum!” Régine shouted at him, “you know for once I vould like you to stop being so selfish and zhink about someone other zhan yourself, you should be ‘appy for me!”


“GODRIC DOES TREAT ME LIKE A QUEEN!” Régine spat at him, “but you’re so busy thinking you’re the best that you can’t see it! News flash, Julien, you’re not!”

“Stop the car,” Julien closed his eyes.

“Non, you vill stop being a child and—“


“Julien vhat zhe merde ‘as gotten into you?! Godric is waiting for me—“

Julien growled and took hold of the steering wheel, panicking Régine stepped on the pedal and they crashed onto a light pole with great force, snapping their necks and breaking several bones in the process.

A few minutes later Julien woke, his vision was cloudy as he came to, he looked around and saw the car in front of him, he was ejected through the windshield.
“Régine,” his eyes widened remembering what had happened, quickly he got up and ran to her, he ripped out the car door and sobbed, “shit, Régine, I—“

“Get away from her!” Morgan shouted and sped to him, without a second thought she ripped his heart out and tossed it aside just when Godric had arrived.

“Shit, Genie!” Godric ran to the car and pulled her out.

She gave a soft groan.

“I’ll take care of her,” Morgan looked into his eyes, “I’ll take her home, you take care of the body.”

Godric looked at her for a moment, clearly pained, but nodded.

Morgan texted Cressida.
-Régine is in transition, I need you at the house…

And with that she picked Régine up and ran home where Cressida was already waiting for her.
“What happened?” She asked concerned.

“Julien happened, but I killed him…” Morgan carried Régine to the living room and placed her on the sofa.

“That would explain Aimé’s sudden change in mood…” Cressida bit the inside of her cheek, she looked at Morgan and smiled, “but at least you did the right thing and rescued Régine.”

“Yeah…” She looked out the window and stared into the darkness of the early morning, just then a vision came to her.

Régine and Godric, in Virtus Dei Est… But how could that be if Régine was to die tonight? It seemed that no matter what Morgan did, Régine and Godric would end up together anyways…

Her thoughts were interrupted by Régine.
“Vhat ‘appened?” She looked around, her heart racing as every memory flashed back to her, “vhat is going on!?”

“Relax,” Morgan put a hand on her shoulder, “everything will be explained to you.” She motioned to Cressida to help her, she walked into the kitchen and down the secret entrance to her blood cellar. She stood there for a moment and looked at her ring, the lapis lazuli ring Godric had given her centuries ago. Now that she realized Régine and Godric would be together no matter what, there was only one thing left to do, try to reason with her.

She grabbed a few bags and walked back upstairs upstairs, she looked at Cressida.
“Tend to the other one, I need to have a word with Régine.”

“Yes, m’lady,” Cressida nodded and walked up the stairs.

Morgan held the bags in her hand, she looked at Régine for a moment, all she had to do was not give her blood and Régine would die; but she couldn’t, she knew everyone would judge her and Godric would never forgive her.
“Régine, we need to talk…”

Régine put her hand to her head.
“Vhat about?”

“About Godric.”

She sighed.

Morgan nodded.
“Régine… I love him, you really have no idea how much I love that man…” She sat down in front of Régine, “Godric has been my life for 500 years, and I lost him due to a foolish mistake. I… I’ve never seen him be so in love with anyone as I’ve seen him be with you, and that terrifies me. I can’t lose him entirely, Régine, to give him up to you, it would kill me,” Morgan tried her best not to cry, “if I give him up I’ll give him up forever to you, and I just… I can’t…”

“Are you asking me to give ‘im up for you?” Régine looked saddened.

“I know a man like him is hard to find but… yes,” tears stained her cheek.

Régine looked at her for a moment and shook her head.
“Morgan, you know I can’t do zhat, I am in love with ‘im too, ‘e’s treated me better zhan any other man and I can’t give that up. Vhat you and ‘im ‘ave is over, you need to move on.”

Morgan sniffled and nodded, she gave Régine the blood bags and took off her ring.
“Godric gave this to me 500 years ago after he turned me,” she put the ring in Régine’s hand, “I think it’s better for you to have it.”

Régine looked at her.
“Are you sure?”

Morgan nodded.

“Merci, I know it’s ‘ard but—“

Morgan shook her head.
“Please, spare me your pity… Drink up.” Morgan got up and walked up stairs to find Cressida. “I’m… I’m going to go for a walk,” she cleared her throat, “stay here and take care of them, alright? Régine needs someone…”

Cressida smiled.
“Sure, how long will you be gone for?”

She shook her head.
“I’m not sure…” She hugged Cressida tight trying to keep her composure, and walked out.

Cree looked at her watch, 5am. She looked at Lucienne and smiled.
“Would you like to go downstairs and see Régine?”

Lucienne smiled.
“Oui, I am so excited to see ‘er.”

“Come on then,” Cressida led the way downstairs. “Régine, there is someone who—“ she blinked seeing Régine inspect a ring in her hands, Morgan’s ring, “why do you have that?”

“Morgan gave it to me,” she said without looking up, “said it is better for me to ‘ave it.”

“Oh no…” Cressida’s heart sank, “no, no…” She took out her phone and dialed Godric, he answered it immediately.

“How’s Genie?”

“She’s perfectly fine,” Cressida’s voice cracked, “but Morgan, she walked out without her ring.”

“Shit,” Godric sounded frustrated, “I’ll try to find her, just finished taking care of Julien.”

“Please, hurry, the sun will rise soon,” Cressida hung up and looked at the girls, “I need to get Alessandra, you two stay here, Régine stay away from the windows when the sun is up.” She ran to the garage and took out the car and began speeding off to Régine’s house.

Régine took her eyes off the ring to look at the brunette woman standing in front of her.
“Do you zhink Morgan vill be alright?”

“I don’t know,” Lucienne looked at her, “and frankly I don’t care.”

“I zhought she was your friend?” Régine blinked.

“You don’t recognize me either?”

“I’m sorry,” she shook her head, “I don’t…”

Lucienne took off her wig, her contacts, and her prosthetics, Régine’s eyes widened.
“Good to see you didn’t completely forget about me.”

“Lucienne!” Régine got up and hugged her tight, “you’re alive!”

“No,” Lucienne shoved her hard causing Régine to fall hard on the glass table breaking it, “I’m not, all zhanks to you!”

“To me?” Régine crawled backwards as Lucienne approached her, “vhat did I do?!”

“You vere too perfect!” Lucienne’s eyes were black, “you took everything away from me and you didn’t even bat an eye vhile you did so! And now, here we are… you killed me once, and now I’m going to kill you, just as I ‘ad planned all along.”

“Lucienne, please--”

Lucienne lunged herself at Régine, but with a bang she fell to the floor, bleeding…

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Re: New Girl In town

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