Flower (Poem.)

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Flower (Poem.)

Post  LadyShalott on Wed Sep 22, 2010 5:50 pm

Here's my poem, Flower. It's slightly inspired by the Soundtrack for the PS3 game 'Flower' by ThatGameCompany. I highly recommend it.

Enjoy. ^-^


Can I just disappear?
Live my life as a flower, without fear?
Without stress, hatred, pain, anything negative?
I want it to be peaceful, loving, and positive.
Can't you see it through my eyes?
The pain, the hurt, the lies?
Can I fly through the sky, pretend as though everyone can see my side?
How much help can I give? Oh how I've tried.
Watch me as I soar through the sky, to find a place for me to reside.
Somewhere different, peaceful, a calming place to hide.
But like a lightning strike, fire shoots down and electrocutes the scenery around me.
How much of it can I revive? How much can I remake free?
There's no telling how much I try.
But I can assure you, I'm your shoulder for you to cry.
I promise you the sky, to be someone you can come to.
And no matter how much I try, that promise is set through.
I'll always, I repeat, always, be there for you.


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Re: Flower (Poem.)

Post  Kaez Alexandrov on Wed Sep 22, 2010 6:02 pm

That was beautiful, Allie. <3
Specially with everything that's been going on lately.
Like a Star @ heaven
Kaez Alexandrov
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